K by Bump of Chicken

These are lyrics.

週末の大通りを 黒猫が歩く
御自慢の鍵尻尾を水平に 威風堂々と
その姿から猫は 忌み嫌われていた
闇に溶ける その体目掛けて 石を投げられた

On a weekend, on a highway, walked a black cat
He held his magnificent tail out straight with pride
But they all hated the cat for how he looked
They threw stones at him, faint against the shadows

孤独には慣れていた 寧ろ望んでいた
誰かを思いやる事なんて 煩わしくて
そんな猫を抱き上げる 若い絵描きの腕
「今晩は 素敵なおチビさん 僕らよく似てる」

The cat came to prefer being alone
Caring about other people was annoying anyway
Then the cat was lifted into the arms of a young artist
“Hello, what a cute little cat, you remind me of me”

腕の中もがいて 必死で引っ掻いて 孤独という名の逃げ道を

He struggled from the arms and slashed out with all his might
And fled on the road of loneliness

走った 走った 生まれて初めての
優しさが 温もりが まだ信じられなくて
どれだけ逃げたって 変わり者は付いて来た

He ran and ran, finding for the first time in his life
A love and kindness he could not believe in
But however long he ran, the stranger followed

それから猫は絵描きと 二度目の冬を過ごす
絵描きは 友達に名前をやった 「黒き幸」ホーリーナイト
彼のスケッチブックは ほとんど黒尽くめ
黒猫も 初めての友達に くっついて甘えたが

And so the cat stayed with the artist through two winters
The artist gave his friend a name: Holy Night, Fortune Colored Black
His sketchbook was colored all in black
And the black cat had met his first friend

貧しい生活に 倒れる名付け親 最後の手紙を書くと 彼はこう言った

But one day
The cat’s caretaker had fallen sick from his poor way of life
He gave his final letter to the cat and said

「走って 走って こいつを届けてくれ
夢を見て 飛び出した僕の 帰りを待つ恋人へ」

“Run, please run, deliver this
To my lover who I left behind chasing a dream, who awaits my return”

不吉な黒猫の絵など売れないが それでもアンタは俺だけ描いた
それ故 アンタは冷たくなった 手紙は確かに受け取った

I’m just an unlucky black cat, and pictures of me are worthless
Yet you drew me and me alone
And because of that, your body grows cold
Of course I’ll take this letter

雪の降る山道を 黒猫が走る
今は故き親友との約束を その口に銜えて

The black cat ran along a snowy mountain road
Carrying the promise he made to his dead friend in his mouth

何とでも呼ぶがいいさ 俺には消えない名前があるから

“Look, it’s the devil’s familiar!” cried the children throwing stones
I don’t care what you call me, you’ll never erase my new name

「ホーリーナイト」「聖なる夜」と 呼んでくれた
優しさも温もりも 全て詰め込んで 呼んでくれた
忌み嫌われた俺にも 意味があるとするならば
この日のタメに生まれて来たんだろう どこまでも走るよ

Holy Night is what he called me
Full of love and kindness he called me
If there’s a meaning in my cursed life
It must have been for this, so I’ll run wherever I must!

彼は辿り着いた 親友の故郷に 恋人の家まで あと数キロだ

So he made it to his friend’s home town
All the long miles to the lover’s house

走った 転んだ すでに満身創痍だ
立ち上がる間もなく 襲い来る 罵声と暴力
負けるか俺はホーリーナイト 千切れそうな手足を
引き摺り なお走った 見つけた! この家だ!

He ran, and he collapsed, covered all over with wounds
He stood up once more, through all the taunting and abuse
I can’t fail. I’m Holy Night!
My paws are falling off, but I’ve run this far
And right here is the house!

手紙を読んだ恋人は もう動かない猫の名に
アルファベット1つ 加えて庭に埋めてやった

After the lover read the letter, she gave to the silent, still cat
A single letter for his name as she buried him in her garden
As she buried Holy Knight

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