The problem with Aquarion EVOL

Aquarion EVOL is only 2/3 (depending on how you measure it) episodes in so this is really jumping the gun, but I want to get it out anyway. Let me just say that if it turns out to be unfounded, that can only please me.

It’s been several years since I saw the first Aquarion, but overall I remember it mostly being about GEN trolling the entire Aquarion team, occasional focus episodes, and eventually the world being saved through the power of friendship and gay threesomes. For all the show said about the love story between Apollonius and Celianne, I thought that ultimately, Genesis of Aquarion was about all of Deava being a family.

(Tangent: I think it would be absolutely hilarious if the fictional Skies of Aquaria movie was a Do You Remember Love-esque propaganda piece that recasts the entire Aquarion adventure as a giant robot chick flick and GEN as a glorified immortal matchmaker, but that might be too self-aware.)

I really hate it when stories focus too much on the central couple. The very fact that the couple is in focus means everyone knows they end up together, and it takes a certain amount of writing chops to make the process of ending up together interesting when you’ve already given the ending away.

And what about all the other characters? Tales of Destiny 2 spent all its time polishing a sappy teenage love story that transcends time and space, completely wasting the arc about Loni Dunamis and Nanaly Fletch having hilarious angry sex in the corner and ignoring Harold Belserius being completely awesome. I did Sacred Seven, which was an extended romance between Squall Leonhart and a midget and threw away all its best characters (Hellbrick, SP) on blandly supporting or blandly opposing the heroes, not even making an attempt to shake it up with a terrible love triangle (they started one and then backed off). And I don’t think I have to remind anybody about the prequel Star Wars.

Three episodes in, Aquarion EVOL is heading towards the same place, putting all its eggs in the Amata/Mikono basket when, honestly, they’re both boring. Mikono stands around cheerleading, directly or indirectly, between angst sessions about how utterly useless she is (at least someone can tell). Amata? Half his lines are “Mikono… Mikono. Mikono!” I’d rather have five episodes of Zessica and Andy being slutty than another minute of those two staring sadly over the Berlin Wall at each other.

I’m not going to claim Aquarion was a diamond of fiction, or that Apollo was a great character, but he had a character beyond impressing Sylvia. Amata can’t so much as muster up the komedic quirks that got taped onto Apollo the instant he appeared on screen. Maybe he’ll fuse back together with Kagura and grow a personality.

Let’s see if this gets better in the next few weeks. I want to see more whole-team dynamics, genuine focus on some of the guys in the back (Cayenne, Zessica, MIX, Andy), Principal and/or GEN trolling, and god help me, I even want the comedy back from Aquarion. Unfortunately, with the Berlin wall and Amata and Mikono being antisocial fucks, the show seems like it’s set up to prevent those team dynamics. Preview suggests that the next episode might take down some of those, so we’ll see.

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