Aquarion EVOL 01-07 Union List

I might get around to tlnotes eventually. In the meantime I have compiled the list of different Unions that they’ve done over the course of the show. It’s one of my favorite “little” things about Aquarion EVOL.

Episode 1

Name: Genesis Union
Japanese: 世合体 sousei gattai
Elements/Form: Amata/Cayenne/Mikono, Evol
Move: Flying Love Attack
Notes: Same as Apollo’s first Union in Genesis of Aquarion.

Episode 3

Name: Spiritual Union
Japanese: 精神合体 seishin gattai
Elements/Form: Amata/Cayenne/Andy, Simulated Gepard
Move: Dogeza orz
Notes: The form Amata used to orz to Mikono. For once, the name seems not to be too closely tied to the context.

Episode 4

Name: N/A
Japanese: N/A
Elements/Form: Cayenne/Andy/Amata, Gepard
Move: Getting owned
Notes: Cayenne is all business and doesn’t bother naming his Aquarions. Maybe that’s why he lost so hard?

Name: Snow-Melting Union
Japanese: 雪解け合体 yuki-doke gattai
Elements/Form: Amata/Cayenne/Mikono, Evol
Move: Infinity Punch
Notes: The “snow melting” refers to Mikono finally forgiving Amata.

Episode 5

There were no Unions in episode 5.

Episode 6

Name: Melodic Union
Japanese: 旋律合体 senritsu gattai
Elements/Form: Shrade/Amata/Zessica, Spada
Move: Moonlight Requiem
Notes: Oh, Shrade. (This is the only Union that isn’t Amata in Evol that gets a move.)

Episode 7

Name: Emergency Union
Japanese: 緊急合体 kinkyuu gattai
Elements/Form: Zessica/Amata/Cayenne, Gepard
Move: Getting shot a lot
Notes: Unlike Cayenne, Zessica gets into it, but it doesn’t help her not die.

Name: Spectral Union
Japanese: 心霊合体 shinrei gattai
Elements/Form: Amata/Cayenne/Yunoha, Evol
Move: Subliminal Punch
Notes: “Ghost Union.” Because Amata thinks Yunoha is a real honest ghost. Another episode of Gepard getting shot up followed by Evol saving the day.

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