Aquarion EVOL 07

Kingdoms of Amalur is fun, but I guess I should blog about Aquarion sometime before, like, next week.


I have to play that melody with my own hands.

He lives. He’s also determined to “play” Aquarion again, knowing (and perhaps even welcoming) that it could cost him his life. MIX might not be the one getting the Union addiction episode…

“With my own hands” is one of those anime-isms that I try to avoid, but for once it actually fits in perfectly!


I'll just overwhelm you and pin you down.

He’s quoting Go Tight again! We went with context for this one. I interpreted his line that he wants to overwhelm Aquarion with laser spam (びせたい means to pour something) and pin it down (絶対絶命 means you’re trapped and without options).

I'm getting overwhelmed! Pinned down!

Later he turns the quote around, using the reversed form びる, to be poured on (more literally to sit there and soak).

Last son of Altair...

Last son of a dead world, you say?

This is vindication for the Eve thing. If Jin is the last child produced by Altair, no wonder they need an Eve.

Radius Gniss.

This is, well, a stealth correction. I’ve been doing almost a correction a week re: the Altair humanoid mecha, and if you have the files you can probably track it starting from “Islagnissa”. As for the name I’m going to be using for Kagura’s mecha, probably “Mithra Gniss.” (Also, I still don’t know what the Gniss part refers to, even if I could be said to know what the first part of each name refers to.)

This wasn't in the simulation at all!

Jin is being developed not too subtly as the brainy one whose greatest strength is scheming and plotting.

I guess that's the best I can do with this transdimensional remote control.

Also, he makes bad excuses when he loses.

Reaiglers, redux

But hey, I got data on a new Reaigler.

Still have no idea where the word comes from, but this makes it really clear that it’s the Altairian word for Elements.

Other remarks

My name's Ei Chan. It's a pleasure.

Apparently Malloy’s role is going to be hooking up with every background girl. And giving them names.

Ever since the Berlin fell, that doll has even been spotted in the mens' dorms.

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to wonder what Yunoha’s been up to.

Keep your hands off my smelly wench!

Kagura’s in trouble. Izumo implies it’s not exactly his first time banished to the corner. More to the point, how long will he be in there in show time? Maybe Mikage will jump him out.

TL notes

These aren’t in any order other than what I want to comment on.

Switch out Zessica Wong for Yunoha Thrul!

In Japanese suruu means basically to ignore a thing blankly, pretend it isn’t there. Seems like it fits Yunoha, whose power is to make everyone think she doesn’t even exist (or is a ghost). “Thrul” is my attempt at chasing a pun that may or may not have been intentional.

It's all sunshine and holes... I mean roses for me from here!

Don't holes usually block sunshine, though?

In the literal Japanesey version of this line, Andy mentions that “rose-colored Academy life” concept that is, I guess, an idiom in Japan ([gg] trufans might recognize it from the excellent Tatami Galaxy). At first he slips up (or does he?) and calls it a “hole-colored Academy life”. I wanted to keep hold of the “roses” bit since the next transition is a flurry of rose petals.

He can sight a coin a thousand villages away.

What he said literally means “a thousand villages,” or at least a thousand of an archaic unit of measure, but it’s really an idiom that means “really far.” Keeping it the literal way fit ZEN’s weird poetry noise, and “really far away”… didn’t.

And Zessica was screaming at Amata, "Don't leave me!"

Zessica says a thing that literally means “don’t throw me away” and is recognized as a melodramatic way to beg your partner not to leave you, just as Mikono assumed. So really, you can’t blame her entirely.

I still can't stop thinking about him.

You can blame her for this, though. What a hypocrite.

You're at the age where you start seeing things.

This is quite a wtf line, because he literally said “puberty’s the age when you start seeing things that aren’t there.” I have no idea if the Japanese actually believe this.


Not the “confessions” you may be thinking of if you’re (ahem) an “experienced anime viewer.” The opposite, really. It’s much closer to a confessional than a confession of romantic interest, but despite the Holy Angel Academy/Daughters of Heaven/nun symbolism Aquarion has going on, I wasn’t going to actually write “Confessional” (though, if it actually follows that format, I’ll enjoy it).

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