Aquarion EVOL 09


This episode, you guys. This episode.

Holes, Part 1

I think there's a hole in your head! Let me out! I'm not doing Union with a pathetic hole dweller!

Shut up! There's a hole where your brain should be! Why do I have to deal with men that might as well have crawled out of a hole?

MIX hurled a lot of hole-themed insults out and I had a lot of fun with them.

Holes, Part 2

In this scene, ZEN points out that there are a few phrases in Japanese that deal with holes.

No holes ventured, no things gained.His own contribution is 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず (“If you do not descend into the tiger’s den, you will not find the treasure”). My original draft involved digging up buried treasure.

Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein.Donar’s is 人を呪わば穴二つ (“If you curse a man, there will be two holes”). It means that if you wish death on another person, better dig two graves (one for you, one for him). How lucky do I have to get to find a similar and thematic Biblical passage (Proverbs 26:27)? If only that worked for the other two.

Birds of a feather occupy the same hole together.Suomi’s is 同じ穴の狢 (“Two badgers in one burrow”), which refers to two people who don’t look like they have anything to do with each other but are really working together. The final translation was off, but not nearly as much as my first idea (“Square peg, round hole”). Koda suggested “Same shit, different assholes”, but I couldn’t possibly put that in Suomi’s mouth.

Bros before holes.Crea is just wrong. She’s thinking of the Japanese phrase 花より団子 (“Dumplings rather than flowers”), which is a metaphor for valuing practical things over romantic sentiments. 花 (hana) sounds like 穴 (ana) though. Yeah that’s the whole joke.

(The tlnote included is a little troll. There is a franchise in Japan called Hana yori Dango whose title is a pun on the actual idiom, but the Dango means boys.)

Holes, Part 3

I hope you didn’t think there weren’t any more holes.

Neo-Kowloon has some really charming little hole in the wall places. He met a woman at a little hole-in-the-wall bath house, fell in love, and...

This is a piece of localization in this episode that, though it did its job and was arguably even faithful to its Japanese root, wasn’t really the best as far as I’m concerned. The word they are using is 穴場, which does contain “hole” and means a small, obscure, out of the way type place. MIX hates holes because she associates them with what caused her dad to yeah it’s really awful. (It doesn’t make it make sense for her to hate holes in Japanese, either – the entire MIX/holes drama is based on a bad pun no matter how you look at it.)


I'll take him if you don't want him.Yes, Zessica is crushing on Amata now. (Is this the first time I’ve addressed the romantic drama in this show?) Yes, she is in pain when she sees them getting close at the end of this episode. In spite of that, I read in this line that she’s really frustrated at their refusal to go anywhere (ZEN’s Forbidden Love ordinance aside).

Like Tetsuro from DatSummer, I want to say Zessica is conflicted. She wants to see Amata happy (with her if possible but) and gets annoyed when Mikono holds him at arm’s length. She was kind of shipping them from the beginning too; back in episode 5, there were a lot of suggestions that she was teasing Amata to get Mikono to move on him (and it’s worth nothing that her shock ring didn’t move at all). She doesn’t like that he’s very obviously going to end up with Mikono, but she also doesn’t like seeing him in impotent almost-love stasis.

Unfortunately for her, ZEN does want Amata in impotent almost-love stasis. I think if Zessica goes over to Altair (which I doubt, but it’s not off the table), it’ll be because she wants to upset the status quo, not because she’s succumbed to the envy monster.

It might just be because I like her and don’t want to see her derailed into the bitchy one though. I’m a sucker for greens.


Almost done.

Brave and loyal soldiers, may you always have hope...Mikage is definitely in the business of manipulating emotions. I’m absolutely certain now that he’s trying to build up Kagura’s rage and jealousy so he can use him as a weapon, and we now see that he can will-bend on smaller scales. This is an extremely potent tool in the world of Aquarion, where the front line is powered by teen drama.

There’s no doubt that all this is setting something up. Could be Zessica, but my money’s on Shrade, because he’s been simmering quietly on the back burner (not to mention, he’s got a more ominous OP spot, and Zessica’s suggests she’s going to stay in Amata’s bro circle if nothing else).


And Jin

Of course he lived. Come on.

He’s certainly the “One-Eyed Transfer Student”, but what he actually does is up in the air. There are some clues in the preview, and the one about Yunoha is a popular subject of debate, but the previews can be and have been misleading. Just wait.

But wait, there’s more!

A couple of little tlnotes I forgot that I wanted to mention.

Your big bangs are just waiting to make my universe!There are two secret things “wrong” with this line.

The first is, the line itself is about how MIX’s breasts (“big bangs”) are straining to get out of their bindings. Like, physically. This is as close as the show has ever come to calling out MIX the conservative on her own dress.

The second is that earlier Andy called those things “cannons.”

But I love this pun (courtesy of the lovely koda) so much that I don’t care. In fact, as far as I’m concerned this is a reason to turn “cannons” back into “big bangs” on its own, that is how much I love it.
What grave shall your life leave?Okay so, this might have been the worst line in the episode. Which is awful because it’s probably the most GEN-like ZEN has ever been in EVOL. He said これぞ人生墓穴力! which (perfectly literal translation mode activated) means “This truly is life grave power!” I checked with the Japanese and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to them, either! So I had no choice but to interpret like a bandit. (It ties in with a couple of earlier references about digging holes for graves, which is a hole other non-sequitur hole pun.)

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