Aquarion EVOL 10

We were told that episode 9 would be the end of the silly section of Aquarion EVOL and that from episode 10 we’d be seeing more serious and more plot. In one way I wasn’t prepared for how true that was, and in another way the transition is extremely smooth.

I don’t think I have much to say this week in a tlnote sort of way, though there’s quite a lot somewhere to blog about in the show itself. However, there’s one absolutely huge thing I absolutely have to expound on, and it brings us to this week’s word.

But first, get all the Deculture jokes out of your system.


Reaigler, Rare Igura

You probably can’t read that stuff at the top. That’s cool. Neither can I. Except it includes the word “Rare Igura,” that’s the important part. Rare Igura is consistent with レアイグラー, the Japanese for guess the hell what.

There are a couple of things I want to make extremely clear, while I’m blogging.

[gg] didn’t know. Reaigler wasn’t a troll. There were possibly hints lying around. There are some Japanese blogs going レア・イグラー, it might have been in a staff blog or an official release or something, and I’m guessing those Altair runes have shown up before. Fine. But I couldn’t read Vega runes (badly) until a little while ago, and I can still barely read Altair runes. I doubt anyone else on staff cares that much, for that matter. (I actually entertained the theory that the word starts with “Rare” for a while, but it was all baseless speculah and we stuck for consistency.)

The other problem is that we don’t know what イグラー means. Google throws up nothing (try it at home!) but Aquarion, some proper nouns, and a couple of Russian words that have no obvious relevance (one means needle, the other a game). So we’re still relatively up the creek without a translation.

I plan to switch to Rare Igura and do a full back-replacement on the inevitable series of batch v2s (there are some context issues back there that have been or are going to be resolved anyway). I’ve said a lot of things about retconning translations/spellings, but this is one of those places where I think it’s worth it. Reaigler was an ugly word anyway and Rare Igura is slightly less so and makes slightly more sense.

To reiterate: Rare Igura is now the translation until further notice.

So that’s the big topic of the week, at least for me. But, speaking of (not) retconning spellings…


Yunoha Thrul...

This cat’s out of the bag. Now that /a/ can read Vega, I might as well come clean: Reaigler was pure ignorance, but I knew this one from the start and chose to substitute my own reading.

The less important reason is that “Suroor” is ugly to read and uglier to say. The main reason, I gave a few weeks ago: I believe that Japanesily, Yunoha’s name is supposed to include スルー (a loanword coming from through) to reference her ability to be ignored, and I chose a name that used that.

 Element power: Spatial augmentation. Element power: Optical fluoroscopy.

Since I’m admitting to sullying the glorious vision of our Japanese overlords, I did some Engrish cleaning up over here. If you read the Vegan, Mix’s power is actually written “interspatial augmentation” and Yunoha’s is supposed to be “optic fluoroscopic”. I adjusted them to be easier to understand.

Akbarjin Batbayar. (not the displayed subtitle)The last one is this guy. I have some blogging about him too. My first impression (maybe everyone’s first impression) was that his was supposed to be some kind of Asian or Middle-Eastern name. The dirty secret is that his name is written as “Agbarjin” but I made it Akbar instead because I could not pass up a reference to the Muslim Raja of India (not to be confused with Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars), and also, because it sounds better and even matches the audio better for those of you who care about that.

For a few minutes I also put “Vadvayar” as his surname, on the same grounds (sounded more Indian), but I changed it back when I saw this screen, but then it turned out that Batbayar is actually a name from Mongolia. Then I had no idea what was going on.

And speaking of this Batbayar guy…

Cayenne’s Reaction

Is he from there?Koda and I argued violently for hours had a little discussion about this line. For the record what he said was “生え抜きか?” wondering if Jin was a native of Meso-wherever-Agbarjin-was-from and had lived there.

My interpretation was that Cayenne now thinks of Akbarjin as a foreigner, someone who grew up in Somewheretania and has just come to Neo-Kowloon. Koda’s was that he was suspicious that Jin doesn’t look at all like a Somewhere-Asian. We settled on this as “the safest option that isn’t an enormous tlnote.” Consider this your enormous tlnote.

On Element Powers

Goodness, I can finally blog about the actual show.

So that's how it happened...What we have as of this episode is a confirmation that Element powers in Aquarion EVOL are directly linked to the personality and circumstance of the Element. This is not exactly the first time such a thing is implied; Cayenne’s power helps him protect his sister, Shrade’s is an expression of his love of music, and MIX’s… um… er.

The power to isolate.Andy takes the straightforward view of Jin’s new power, that it’s a shielding barrier. ZEN cuts more to the heart of the matter: as Jin wants to be alone, so his power is a wall that cuts him off from the rest of the world. But it’s interesting that his first ever explicit use of it (ignoring the theory that it kept him alive when his Gnis blew up) was actually to protect someone else.

It’s also interesting that on Altair, they apparently don’t know about Element powers.

Did... did I do that?The real gold here as far as I’m concerned is what this whole personality powers thing means for Amata, who flies when he feels any intense emotions; Mikono, whose power is some kind of telepathic bond (maybe?); and Zessica, who supposedly can project a blast of force.

The One-Eyed Giant

Just so we’re clear, this is Radius Gnis, and the prophecy was about Jin. It has nothing to do with Aquarion itself or, as far as we can tell, episode 13.

Call of the Wild

Call of the WildGuess I wasn’t quite done with the tlnotes.

This has been going around in the speculah circles, so: yes, the “call” has the connotation of a summons from something divine. I prioritize, especially in titles and catchphrases, flow and simplicity, and I valued the familiarity and brevity of “Call of the Wild” over any extra little bit of nuance you’d get from translating 召命 to a higher resolution. That said, it exists and it’s not a complete zero of significance. In short, just the sort of thing that goes here. Judge for yourself.

I think this is the most blogging I have ever done on anything ever.

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One Response to Aquarion EVOL 10

  1. Love your blog’s entries about Aquarion EVOL. Please don’t stop writing them. 😀

    Also, thank you (as well as all gg’s members) for working on this show. It has been a great ride so far and I and many others wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it without you guys. 🙂

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