Aquarion EVOL 11

Sure is serious over here in Aquarion. This is the second episode in a row not to have a single Union or fight scene (unless you count the Mithra, I guess). A few things to talk about tlwise, and a lot of things to talk about plotwise. Lots of villains talking obtusely to each other, which is always my favorite damn thing.

Villains talking obtusely to each other is actually a major subject of this week’s tlnoting. For starters…

Golden Eyes, Amber Hair

With golden eyes, and amber hair that flutters in the breeze.This one is one a lot of people everywhere noticed – it’s apparently about Amata, but Amata doesn’t have yellow eyes. Some people have been wondering if gg mixed up the line or even got it entirely wrong.

But no, “golden eyes and amber hair” is actually a very literal translation of the spoken words 黄金の瞳、飴色の髪. I’m not going to correct him, because there’s probably something double or triple soaked in meaning back there. For instance:

  • Mikage could be wrong. (not too likely)
  • Mikage is trolling.
  • Mikage is not actually talking about Amata, or talking about Amata in a different sense.
  • Amata had golden eyes at some point but we normally see them as red.
  • Mikage is playing up the resemblance to Alicia in some way.
  • [shenanigans involving Amata and Kagura]
  • It’s anime, hair and eye colors are hosed up anyway.

The only thing that isn’t true is that the line is supposed to mean something, textually, other than “gold-colored eyes and amber-colored hair”.


After discovering her, we returned to Altair and prepared to bring her here. After discovering her, we returned to Altair and prepared to bring her here.

There are a couple of tiny stories behind this line. In the most literal sense it’s more like “When we went back to Altair temporarily, she had  a child, and came leaving it behind on Vega.” Various parts of that sentence are weird so it got messed with somewhere during the process and came out with some stuff sprinkled on and some stuff notched out. The price we pay for sounding like something someone would say that isn’t a robotic Neptune man.

[ashes of a paragraph burned due to extreme derpiness]

Anyway, that’s the tlnote part. Now for the show part: Alicia is (probably) Amata’s mom! This recasts a few things we already know about their relationship in a new light: Amata has abandonment issues because Alicia was taken away from him; Amata once said Alicia was “so beautiful it’s sad”; Amata is obsessed with Alicia’s Skies of Aquaria. Those are things to watch out for, and they’re just what I remember.

Also, this would mean Amata was born and grew up into a little kid during the entire time Izumo’s team went back to Altair and returned to Vega for Alicia, since he has (dubious, I’ll admit) memories of her leaving. Not sure how important that’s going to be.


You can turn everything around.Another line to be said much about.

Kagura can, indeed, turn everything around (すべてを変えられる…そう、逆さまに). But more precisely, Mikage says he can reverse (or invert) it (them? everything?), and this line has caused some fascinating interpretations.

  • He is reversing his love, causing him to want to kill his wench.
  • He is reversing his love, turning it into EVOL.
  • He is going to undo the Genesis Punch. (Destruction Punch?)
  • He is going to reverse Aquarion itself.

At this point all I think is that Mikage is just a terrible, awful troll.

(Reversing Aquarion would be  poetic, but don’t forget that Aquarion has three formations and not six because, like Getter, it’s a cyclic combiner; its three parts always stack in the same cyclic order, so it can literally be reversed. But I think that’s bullshit anyway.)

Hunger and Thirst

Go out and find your love, and sate your hunger.

Speaking of Mikage trolling? In this scene, he mixes hunger metaphors with thirst metaphors. For that nebulous thing I do called Flow, I smoothed it over into just a hunger metaphor which I thought fit with the whole Kagura dynamic. However, later in the episode there’s another thirst metaphor over in Neo-Deava. Maybe there was a link, maybe not; if there was, maybe it survived and maybe it didn’t. But as usual, that sort of thing is what I like to mention here.

Japanese stock

Did you know, Izumo?

A lesser known Japanese-ism slash fansub-ism is when someone asks “Did you know?” and then explains what it is we may or may not know. (Mameshiba do this as a way of life.) I try to avoid those types of things but this particular thing is really hard to write around, because inherent to the trope is a nasty timing issue.

All I do, I do for love!○○の見方 (ally of ____) is another little Japanese-ism that shows up fairly often (usually the blank is 正義 justice or rightness, used to refer to a True Hero that stands for truth and light and shit). Mikage says he is always an ally of love. This one was pretty easy though.

A flower called Kagura

Such a flower is named Kagura.

I don’t know where this came from or what it means. If you do, drop me a line please. I may or may not go back and fix it but mostly I’m just curious if he’s referencing something or if he’s just full of shit.

We have a title

Kagura is merely answering the call of the wild.“For Kagura, this is the call of the wild.”

I think this was pretty forced no matter where you are. Oh well.

Japan, sentences have predicates

Let me awaken your love!This sentence, in Japanese, has dropped its verb. In fact, it doesn’t actually have a subject! It’s “Your love [object] dot dot dot” and that’s it. I literally made up almost this entire sentence. Fuck Japan.

Last word

I... I thought you liked Alicia, so...This isn’t speculah or a tlnote or anything. It’s just cute. I didn’t want to end this wall of text on a hateful note and Yunoha is the anti-hate.

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9 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 11

  1. ANON2 says:

    As a fan of the “Izumo is Amata’s dad” theory, I have to ask how open-and-shut the original dialog was on the issue?

    Is it compatible with a scenario in which: Izumo finds Alisia on Vega, and convinces her to coe to Altair; Izumo goes above the call of duty and knocks Alisia up before he heads back to Altair to prepare for her transfer; this gives Alisia time to deliver that lovechild Amata before heading to Altair…with her chid being some kind of secret because it means Izumo tampered with Altair’s eve before she even got there…with the abductor assaults presumably beginning only after the Alisia transport failed.

    How conclusive is the script?

    • I haven’t got the video on me right now, but to render the line as precisely as I can remember: “During the time we temporarily returned to Altair, she bore a child, and came leaving it behind on Vega.”

      [WELP I’M DUMB]

      Izumo’s reactions to Amata and Alicia could be taken as hints for, but they’re not strong ones. Also, he didn’t really react when Mikage mentioned that Alicia bore a child, unless my memory fails me.

      tl;dr It’s not strictly out of the question but the hints both for and against are really vague for now.

  2. vipからきますた says:

    >>The part that concerned me during translation was the “tried to” element (in Japanese, 子供を生みようとした). Since it’s pretty clear that she actually bore the child, my interpretation was that she spent the time actively endeavoring to have the child BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH I AM A RETARD

    1) It’s 産む not 生む.
    2) If she were trying to give birth to a child it would’ve been 子供を産もうとした. “生みようとした” is the kind of grammar mistake not even the worst speakers of Japanese make, moron, you act like you understand Japanese but I really doubt that you do.

    Why don’t you try learning Japanese before pretending to understand it?

  3. Drive-by comment says:

    re: kagura flower, in case no one else has caught it yet — I looked it up in the dictionary and found 神楽獅子 = poetic name for Japanese camellia. No idea why (I guess in full bloom it looks like a lion dance mask?), but it seems to match up with the onscreen image, at least.

  4. Ria says:


    About the sentence “Such a flower is named Kagura”, I researched a bit and Kagura (god-entertainment) is a type of theatrical dance closely rooted to the Noh. The flower named Kagura is a type of Camellia. There is a dance called the Shishi Kagura, which uses a lion’s mask in the performance. I can’t remember the name of the town but apparently there is a town in Japan that uses the Kagura dance and their lion is actually black. That’s probably why Mykage associated the flower with Kagura. The kagura dance was supposedly performed by a god to entice the goddess Amaterasu to leave her cave and go back to heaven (Amaterasu was the sun goddess). The reason she left heaven was because of the moon god (her husband/brother) apparently he killed another god and she was so angered by it. Hope that helps you out, I kind of see the connection. The sun and moon will never be together (that’s why we have night and day) and Altair and Vega (the forbidden lovers that meet only once every year on the 7 month of the 7 day *I think*). I like to think they used these myths in Aquarion Evol, it’s romantic yet, sad.

    • I didn’t know about the Kagurajishi camellia. I’d heard about the dance but it didn’t seem like it was directly related to Mikage’s metaphor about Kagura being a flower that blooms early and wilts early. I don’t know how deep this web of mythological references goes, but it’s always seemed to me like Aquarion (both Genesis and Evol) prefer to create their own mythologies while referencing or drawing parallels to real things, rather than follow Earth stories wholesale.

      Thanks to both of you for the information!

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