Aquarion EVOL 12

What do you mean, shit’s now getting real? It’s been getting real since two episodes ago, as promised. This episode just brings the current Jin plot (from two episodes ago) to the end of its first act and the current Kagura plot (from last week) is now officially rolling.


Alicia was my mom.

Alicia is officially Amata’s mom.

Mom never wanted me.He is resentful, or more likely (since he says he’s her fan and keeps her picture), saddened that she left him behind. He did say she’s so beautiful it’s sad.

I'm going to bring her back in one of the Machine Angel's components.Jin is planning to take Yunoha back. He thinks she is the True Eve.

He has begun his journey into the realm of love.According to Mikage, he is in love with her, or on the way to being in love with her.

Jin's making really good progress.Yunoha isn’t (explicitly) in love with Jin. She’s still in mentor/sister mode. Unfortunately for Jin.

By the way, it seems that Yunoha is older than Jin. She’s just short and babyfaced. Now that I look at it, Yunoha doesn’t really act aggressively cutesy other than carrying her cat around. She’s just small, shy, and cute, built to pull on those protective heartstrings.

Bring your Rare Igura before he destroys everything.She knows something about Jin’s true nature but is conflicted on what to do about it.

Zessica is showing more and more jealousy, though she still puts up a bright face in public. I have noticed that while Zessica was all over Amata when she was just trolling, especially with Mikono around, now that she actually likes him she’s staying out of their way. Is she trying to let him and Mikono go free or can she just not face them directly?

Oh yeah, and Amata and Mikono airdanced. I’m not going to say anything about the shipping implications here, but Zen’s reaction is going to be awesome.

You fixed Tama for me!Biggest bomb of the week: the green cat has a name.

Other Reactions

I should learn to be consistent with how I capitalize my headers.

See any you like?Sazanka kind of fascinates me. I know everyone loves/picks on her because she’s the one what likes the gays, but again, she is in the opening, and we’ve had some looks at her other traits – a possibly supernatural ability to get compromising shots, a dose of charisma, and a ruthless business sense. Shrade is curious about her too, and seems to have some idea about her and Cayenne. I’m waiting for her to pop out of the woodwork – and if it happens anything like the way Mix’s did, it will surely be a great episode.

I’m going to confess, you guys – I literally jumped in my seat when this ripping sound happened. Yunoha really does have secret weapons up her sleeve.


So I guess there were some Macross references this week?

No way! I can't stand pineapple on pizzas!I haven’t actually seen any Macrosses aside from 7, but I understand that pineapples on that side of the fence are a harbinger of death? It’s a little early to take this as a sign of impending doom in EVOL though, I’d say. If this conversation is a code, couldn’t you also take it as a message that death doesn’t taste as good with Aquarion (pizza) as it does with Macross (represented by sweets)?

I actually don’t know, I’m just throwing crap out. Someone might die, someone might not. Like the reincarnation drama, I’m staying out of this speculation zone for now.

On a less serious note, these runes (part of the Skies of Aquaria showing at the end) say A FILM BY GEORGE YAMAMORI. Yamamori was the director of the movie Bird-Human in Macross Frontier. Whether this is supposed to be another code or just a cute shoutout, I could not tell you.

Omna Magni

When the boys feelings halta di mana,Ignoring the little typo, remember how Shrade spoke in Italian musical terms the last time they put him in charge of a preview? This week, viewers who watched Genesis of Aquarion and were paying attention will recognize the gibberish Shrade says as the first three lines of “Omna Magni,” the nonsense language ending theme of Aquarion‘s first half. As it happens, there is a translation of the song, but substituting in the first three lines doesn’t make it make much more sense at all:

When the boy’s feelings are a lizard’s tail,
the girl will know the evening dew for the first time.
But it will be a silent midnight for the two.

I guess I could have tlnoted that, but that’s what the websites are for (this note is also on gg’s page).

Funny thing, actually; my memories and the internet agree that the word in the second line of the song is cinca, but I kept hearing Shrade say cinta. Sticking to the original seemed safer.


Everyone has the wings to fly beyond their destiny.This turn of phrase is of my own coining. I worked on it for a bit and I’m still a little unhappy with it. First I tried fly over, but that didn’t sound majestic enough. Then I put overcome, which sounded good but missed the imagery entirely. Maybe this was a workable compromise.

Zen’s Weekly Fortune

A dream recorded on film is yet a dream.Sometimes I can’t tell if Zen is quoting something or making up his own bullshit, and this week I’m more doubtful than usual. I wouldn’t mind hearing if someone recognizes the theme of this little koan from somewhere.

A Picture is Worth…

But this doesn't look like a publicity photo.Mostly I wanted to clarify this one; Zessica is making a distinction between a “bromide” or a photo taken of a star (Alicia as an actress) and what looks like just a regular picture of Alicia at home. If Amata had a picture of Alicia as a fan, it would be a card or a movie poster or something like that.

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2 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 12

  1. Ria says:

    I think what Zen was trying to say is that there isn’t much difference between Life and Dreams ( there are never ending conflicts and struggles that we are trying to solve…in dreams its just more symbolic and a bit whacked out sometimes). Dreams also use memories, the more we think about something the more likely we’ll dream about it. At the end part “A dream recorded on film is yet a dream”, pretty much sums it up. Even if a dream is recorded SOMEHOW its still a dream (someone’s memory perhaps?) I wonder if that movie was filmed before Amata was born? Or even if the Altair people used the same machine NEO-DEAVA used on Amata (to see where he learned the name AQUARION from) on Alicia when she first fell into that deep sleep? Because it seems really popular on Altair but not so popular on Vega even though on Vega it seems quite a few people know about it…even Cayenne (that surprised me o.O)…oh by the way have you noticed on Mix (the necklace she wears) is a Magatama? The Imperial Regalia of Japan is a mirror, magatama and a sword. Could reference the mirror to Zessica vision mirror scene and ending scene/Mykage’s huge mirror (that he watches all the time) or the reflecting circle of petals when he sends Kagura off to Vega (in ep 11). I still haven’t figured out the reference to the sword maybe the Mislagniss’s Axe/Gun looking thing :S

  2. WhatSht says:

    I’m pretty sure “Yamamori” was a shout-out to Kawamori himself.

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