Aquarion EVOL 13

Remember when I said shit was already real? I was wrong. And yes, I’m invested in this show so I was as sad as anyone at the ending, but the adventure of life goes on, and my job is just beginning.

But I get ahead of myself.

Zen and Mikage

The conversation between Fudo ZEN and Mikage was the chewy center of this episode. It was obviously calculated to set off a wildfire blaze of speculation about how EVOL is connected to Genesis of Aquarion and the war that was Genesis’ own backstory.

Ten thousand and two thousand years, I believe. Or was that twenty and four thousand years?

If you’re here and weren’t aware, twelve thousand years is one of those numbers in Aquarion. It’s the number of years that were supposedly between the original war against the Dark Angels and the events of Genesis, and again the number of years that supposedly passed between Genesis and EVOL. So Mikage is suggesting that he’s known ZEN throughout both histories.

I’m not going to get into all the he’s-Toma he’s-GEN he’s-Rena speculation, because the real answer will come out in time, and in all likelihood, be a new level of trolling besides. I would like to say that this doesn’t change the fact that relevant Genesis info will still probably be revealed in EVOL, so this still doesn’t mean anyone is required to have watched (or remember) Genesis or the OVA, though it still means it could help. Maybe.

And in such an ugly form, too. Where did you leave your real body?

The next morsel of trolling is when Mikage calls ZEN’s appearance ugly and asks where he abandoned his true form. “Body” is a little risky of a word to use, I suppose, but when I imagine how this bit of foreshadowing will eventually play out, and combined with the way Mikage says he “left it behind,” I think maybe not that risky. More precisely it means his physical form, but I’m not entirely sure how literal that is.

More intriguing is the implication that ZEN doesn’t really look like himself. This might actually rule out him being Fudo GEN, since ZEN actually looks pretty GEN-like, and I don’t know anyone who would say he’s less pretty than GEN, at that.

What the eyes can see is but an enchantment, a delusion chaining one to the past. You yourself are still bound to your old form.

ZEN’s awesome comeback is some crazy spiritual stuff about how the outside and/or the material is irrelevant. Then he accuses Mikage of being unable to give up his old form. If I had to take a stab through the constant trolling, I’d say ZEN and Mikage are cut from a similar cloth (aliens from the same race? the last Dark Angels?). Mikage accuses ZEN of stooping to the level of the base race and taking on their ugly outward appearance, ZEN accuses Mikage of clinging to the past represented by his shape. But of course, that’s just a shot in the dark.

I don’t think ZEN stole a body. I’m not sure if anyone is seriously thinking that, but I think it’s some kind of incarnation-type deal. He created the ZEN facade to interact with Neo-Deava.

Also, while we’re talking about ZEN’s origins, I’d like to remind everybody that he knows about the Gnis machines and about Jin’s and Kagura’s powers.

Apollonius' wings, which glow with an amber radiance. The true Wings of the Sun. Tell me where they are.

At last, Mikage reveals his plot: he wants to know where to find the Wings of the Sun. I’m not quite sure this means Genesis Aquarion itself; the Wings he wants may be the key to awakening it or causing its “rebirth” like he said two episodes ago. Kagura has likened Amata’s wing powers to the Wings of the Sun, and since it’s becoming increasingly clear that Altair knows very little about Genesis Aquarion, that may actually be a result of his memories of “Apollon.”

There’s another fun hint in this bit, by the way: Mikage said Apollonius. That was the name of the Dark Angel who betrayed his kind for love of a human not 12,000, but 24,000 years ago. Since everyone else only talks about 12,000 years ago and only in the terms set out in Skies of Aquaria (using the “Apollon” and “Sylvie” names), that pegs Mikage as the guy who knows about the whole original Aquarion human/angel war business.

The love of twenty and four thousand years.Now this is going to be a tlnote. He said 恋人 “lovers,” but I wasn’t clear whether he meant his lover (Apollonius), someone else’s lover (GEN’s? Apollonius’?), or the lovers (Apollonius and Celianne). So I just put “love” (as in “the relationship of love”) to be vague. This is one of those trolltastic context issues that may only become clear once we know what Mikage’s role is, if then.


The power of reversal.Well, shit. I didn’t realize that when Mikage said he could turn everything backwards back in episode 11, he literally meant Kagura had the power to turn things backwards. That’s actually his Element, the ability to reverse physics.

I hate you! I'm going to kill you!I like the theory that all this “hate” business is because his emotions have actually been turned backwards, so that hate is love and love is hate. ZEN seems to agree.

The weird guy who doesn't smell.He’s still on this train. He also says that not smelling is like not existing but I wouldn’t take that too seriously; it was an excuse for him to say killing Amata was okay.

And he’s probably not dead.


and it took my breath away.Jin, literally quoting lyrics with his last breath. The final words he leaves to Yunoha at the end of the episode are the lyrics to the chorus of the insert song, Heath on the Wasteland. I guess better this than Go Tight.

Jin is a member of the cast at last, since he was planning to take Yunoha back to Altair and only truly turned to Neo-Deava’s side in this episode. One spot left in the ending, opposite Zessica.


I’m not a shipper by custom and I try to stay out of the shipping wars, but…

Sure was a lot of shipping fodder this week.


Amata, Mikono! Piano Four Hands Union!Piano four hands  is a real thing involving a duet with two players on one piano, as I understand it. So this pretty much references how there are, you know, two.

Artillery Union!I don’t know if this is correct fyi. I think I was going on the assumption that it’s 砲煙合体 or 砲炎合体. If you want to hear a really forced idea I discarded, 方円合体 “Straight and Round” Union, which would be like, a teamup between the asshole and the douchebag, or maybe a Union that incorporates two unlike things (an Altairian and a Vegan in love). A couple of people on 2channel suggested 豊艶合体 “Beautiful Union,” but that sounds really un-Cayenne, and I’m pretty sure they were joking.



You guys remember love is forbidden, right?I kind of respect how they’re handling Zessica in this show. She’s torn up inside, but she’s putting up a bright face to her friends, and not letting her feelings interfere with her job at that. I’m a little soft on greens, though.


Called it! I knew he had a dark secret! He's so pretty...

Sazanka, do you have to do this to me the episode after I defend you for being more than meets the eye? (I still like her, though.)

ClarificationsWe'll pin him down with Spada! Come, my friend!

This probably should have been “my friends” since he’s sort of talking to all the other six pilots. That’s not why I brought it up though. When I wrote this I didn’t have any idea that anyone would take it as a link between Shrade and Apollo in his Wings-of-the-Sun mode. The “my friend(s)” he uses here is the same “my friend” he uses on Cayenne all the time which is not the one Apollo called the other Aquarion pilots. Even if Shrade is connected to Apollo (or Sirius), this is not the evidence you’re looking for.

AftermathAs far as I’m aware, 個の先 is not actually a phrase people say in Japanese. Phonetically it means “from here on out.” One of the characters is replaced by 個 which elsewhere has a sorta-meaning of “individual” or “separate.” So I think maybe what this title means is that each character is going to have to face their own immediate future and maybe make some decisions about themselves. Don’t quote me on that though.


The interruzione in his song!

You’re welcome, fuckers. I looked far and deep in the internet to figure out what the hell this was. Italian in Japanese is suffering. (An interruzione is apparently a pause in the music in a song; I assume they’re using it to mean they’re going to stop  Kagura, or else referring to a pause in his power stream.)

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  1. scineram says:

    My only problem was how Shrade survived the battle unscathed. Isn’t he supposed to be weak, and at risk of dying when making a Union? He barely survived last time, now the preview suggest no consequence.

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