Aquarion EVOL 14

This was a very Aquarion episode. I liked it. It had a lot of references to Genesis, including one that was kind of awkward since to my knowledge the main sub of Genesis actually used… well, I’m getting ahead of myself. It also had some pretty infuriating parts to translate, but that’s all ZEN’s fault.


Just for once, I’m going to start by talking about the show itself instead of how much it hates me as a translator. I do keep up with the blogosphere’s reaction and I’ve seen a depressing amount of “the Zessica this week came out of nowhere!” I humbly submit to all such people that you are, actually, completely wrong.

First, the bit in question:

then she's not going to choose you, Amata.And here are the supposed exhibits A and B that Zessica is boiling inside with murderous envy for Mikono for taking her man.

So here’s my controversial theory: being worried about Amata getting dumped for Kagura is what’s been eating at Zessica this whole time. I mean, she likes him, but not to the point of hating anybody – a picture, some blushing, occasional flirting/trolling. But all the “Dark Zessica” shots? Those happened after Zessica saw a vision of Kagura and Mikono as Apollon and Sylvie in episode 11 in the mirror. So this isn’t a new thing. It just casts her earlier behavior in a new light, if you were assuming she was just envious. When she realizes Amata has abandonment issues, that just makes her feel even worse for him.

Zessica isn’t going to go berserk over Mikono. She’s been nothing but a friend, fighting alongside them and protecting them as a teammate. Even through her feelings, she has always had Amata’s best interests at heart. Zessica Wong, bro of the year.

Kanji jokes

These were so awful that they actually got [gg] to start putting in tlnotes. Holy crap.

Kanji Joke 1: 個 = 人 + 古 + a box

I don’t think I really understood this part, but only insofar as I never understand anything Fudo ZEN is saying at any given time. This is bad because explaining this joke involves explaining what ZEN said. This is as well as I understand it:

First, he said that people are always changing and parts of them are “dying” to be replaced. This is true of both the Aquarion cycle of reincarnation and normal life – you aren’t the same person you were a year ago.

Unfortunately, all the Elements are tied to their pasts, or their “dead” selves. All this dead matter is metaphorically sticking to them, keeping them from being their real selves – as far as I can tell, this “separate” business means they’re split between being their live selves and their dead matter. Also, at one point he says something about being “cut off from the flows of the universe” so I dunno. Then he tells Mikono to be a mushroom that converts that dead stuff into nutrition, I guess helping the others grow. The “connecting” angle, quite frankly, seemed incredibly forced to me even when I was listening to it.

個 (separate) is 人 (person) attached to 古 (old) inside a box. It symbolizes how keeping your deadness with you makes you a fragmented person, I guess. This is the less important kanji joke but it’s in the title in a way that no one could have seen coming before actually watching this episode.

Kanji Joke 1: 念 = 今 + 心

ZEN spends the episode going on about 念 (thoughts, feelings, stuff the mind does, what have you). At the end he reveals that it represents what happens when you combine the instant of 今 (now) with a person’s 心 (heart).

That’s the kanji joke. There’s more to this but it comes in the next section…

Genesis of Aquarion References

My goodness. So many.

All this time, these twelve thousand years, I've loved you. Eight thousand years from the time that I met you, my love will be stronger than ever before.

Jin, not satisfied with quoting lyrics with his dying breath, now quotes from beyond the grave. The lyrics, of course, are those to Genesis of Aquarion, the opening theme of Genesis of Aquarion that eclipsed the show itself. If they don’t make sense that’s why.

Well, well. The little Wingless are struggling in the darkness.The Dark Angels in Genesis had a habit of calling the humans “Wingless,” so this hints that Mikage is one of them. This has several potential implications but it’s far too early to actually entertain any of them without diving into the dark pit of baseless speculation.

Special Training of the Grave!“Special training!” was a bit of a catchphrase for the original Fudo GEN, and one of the aspects of him that ZEN has been slacking on. The most “special training” thing he’s done has been the shock rings in Episode 5 (I think Crea used the word to describe it, or maybe Suomi).

That is when thoughts are truly in Union.ZEN’s other Aquarion reference – in Aquarion, the code to make the machine Union went like this: one element shouts 念真! the second shouts 合体! and the head calls the name of Aquarion. What this comes down to, apparently, is that the Elements are “In thought, wholly United,” which ZEN brings back to what Mikono did in this episode. This was a little hard to convey since to my knowledge, no one had a particularly good translation for the call in Genesis. I wonder, if they start calling it out in EVOL, what will I write?

Other TLnotes

You haven't changed.

Thanks to Japan’s magical ability to construct entire sentences with neither subjects nor objects, I’m not 100% certain this is accurate. It’s a fairly good bet, but on the off chance it’s wrong, something terrible is going to happen.

Zessica's power of distortion. And Yunoha's power of erasure.

I wouldn’t take these too literally. Zessica’s power is still some kind of telekinesis, and Yunoha’s is definitely transparency. ZEN is probably speaking poetically about what those powers do when they go out of control – Zessica’s twists things around her (clearly) and Yunoha’s threatens to erase her.

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5 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 14

  1. whatsht says:

    So… Mikono’s ability gives her something which until her, can only be executed by Aquarion.

    • There’s some stuff about Sylvia at the end of Genesis using a similar power on Apollo, Sirius, and Toma. I haven’t gotten into it because it’s one of those cases where I feel it would be empty speculah until we learn more about the reincarnations. We don’t know much more now than from Mikage’s trolling in 11.

      • WhatSht says:

        That brief scene where we see Aquarion might be an indication that it has awakened, looks like Mikono’s gonna use her ability to hold Vega together.

  2. GuestyGuesty says:

    Not to start a shipping war, but Zessica received that vision of Mikono and Kagura while looking in a mirror and asking how she was different from Mikono. Anyways, at least based on your translation it comes across as though her defining character trait is some sort of self-effacement / self-sacrifice, which goes well with a power to push things away.

    If you need to be vague in English you could go with something like “Always the same”/”Still the same”, just in case you haven’t considered that strategy yet. Thanks for your hard work.

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