Aquarion EVOL 15

Welp, another fight-free episode about characters and plot. Unfortunately most of it was a remix/recap/clarification of the last few episodes, and let’s be honest, not that much happened. Consequently, I haven’t that much to blog about.


He and Mikono are destined. I was actually a little glad.

So this pretty much clarifies and confirms exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time – Zessica’s emotions say she should be glad Amata is free but her friendship and love say she doesn’t want to see him hurt by Mikono choosing “Apollon” over him. The questions left on the table are whether or not she’s right, and how she and Amata are going to take it.

Oh, and the first one actually reads 運命の相手 “destined partner.” I want to say there was a similar thing in Spinning Penguindrum? There they used soulmates, which is a more English word, but I wanted to keep a little bit of that “fate” business in there since reincarnation drama is looking to be the next big thing in EVOL.


I only lie to you.Kagura’s powers and insanity haven’t changed either. Though this seems to crack the code in case anyone is still behind – his speech is reversed when it comes to Mikono alone. I guess that means smelly means delicious, hate means love, and kill means, um, screw? So yes, he’s gotten a couple of what would ordinarily be absolutely heartwarming confessions out already.


As the two races waged war, the Wings of the Sun awakened and pollinated the tree.

This is more or less a recap of the end of Genesis. Short version: Apollo (who is Apollonius), Sirius (who is Celianne, kind of), and Toma (the leader of the Dark Angels) performed Genesis Union to restore the Tree of Life, it didn’t work, and then Aquarion used itself to keep the planet from shattering. Sylvia, Apollo’s kind-of love interest (and also Celianne, kind of) was left out, and they promised to meet again in twelve thousand years. It’s been a while so I might have the order wrong or something, but basically most of what you need to know to keep up with EVOL is this flashback and Skies of Aquaria. Any discrepancies are probably not that important or will be addressed in the Big Explanation Episode.


Those free of attachments cannot be led astray!

The concept of “detachment” being deployed here is a somewhat Asian thing; it shows up in Hinduism and Buddhism and maybe some other Zen-ish philosophies. The idea is that souls are “attached” to the mortal coil by their accumulated karma, the chaos of their thoughts and emotions, and so on. To be detached is a zen state where you are aware of what is around you, what you’re thinking and feeling, and who you are, but rather than being controlled by those things, your core is in control and can observe and direct those impulses impassionately.

Since episode 14 was all about the Elements confronting their pasts, memories, insecurities, blah blah blah, “Detachment Wing” is the payoff. Amata recognizes that he’s being controlled by his bad memories and his fears, and for just a moment, lets them go and reaches inner stability, becoming immune to superpowers.

Hey, I never said this show made sense.

(EDIT: FYI 無執不感翼 means something along the lines of “wings that feel nothing and cling to nothing.”)

Other Crap

The wife is supporting the husband.Oh goodness. This idiom here comes from a Japanese proverb that says “the wife should do as the husband says” basically. I’m sure it’s just supposed to be a joke on how Andy and Mix are practically married already (they really are the best couple in the show) but… come on.

Union next week! And Malloy’s going to pilot! Sazanka episode and Paperbag episode are in sight!

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2 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 15

  1. WhatSht says:

    Detachment Wing seems to be referring to Apollonius tearing his wings off.

    And they didn’t perform Genesis Union to restore the Tree of Life, they were trying to pollinate the Tree, but the flowers wilted and the Tree was dying, then each of them took a vector and fought at the dying roots of the Tree before Sylvia went and stop them. They then performed Genesis Union to hold the planet together.

    • Anon1 says:

      Some of the events of the past with Apollon and Sylvie don’t seem to match up from what we know of the original anime. I think Kagura and at least Zessica are being trolled by Mykage.

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