Aquarion EVOL 16

Not a very Aquarion episode, despite being all about EVOL slamming headfirst into Genesis, but I will dare to venture that it is a very EVOL episode. Good use of sub characters (including Cayenne, poor guy) and a fun fight, I thought. The big revelation wasn’t, at least not to the audience, but hopefully it will leap the plot forward a little since a little bit of the dramatic irony that’s been hanging over the heads of original Genesis fans has been chipped off.


Man, <h1> tags in this style are enormous. Took me this long to do something about it.

Oh yes, Gepard. Long the underdog of Aquarion EVOL‘s Aquarion forms, the official website describes it as a form that’s the easiest to pilot because it has a high tankiness and a low resonance with Element powers. Supposedly, the Aquaria were modelled off of Gepard for that reason.

Gepard excels at ranged combat.Much was made of Gepard’s one real advantage: like Aquarion Luna, it’s predecessor in runthood, Gepard is the only Aquarion of its type with a proper ranged weapon. After Jin used his power on it, its firepower, and consequently its ability to capitalize on its ranged advantage, was much improved, apparently to the point where it can compete with the Infinity Punch.

As for its Elemental resonance? Based on Malloy’s and Sazanka’s performance, it could have fooled me. On the other hand, Team Evol wasn’t even using any of its powers (high speed flight? force projectiles? anyone?) so really they deserved whatever they got.

I do like the design of Gepard, though. I think I actually like it more than Evol, but less than Spada. That shield is a thing of beauty.

TLnote Alert: Moves


Malloy’s thing is a triple pun here. His name is pronounced moroi, which in Japanese can also be read 脆い – fragile or brittle (and it’s what he mutters in that first screenshot). Thus it’s connected to his power, and he made the same pun back in the Special Training of the Grave episode when he was buried and said that he was crumbling apart. The second sub-pun is that moroi rhymes with noroi – curse, so the Curse of Malloy in Japanese is actually a rhyme (moroi no noroi) that can also mean the Curse of Fragility.

Sazanka’s is barely a pun. She is called a 腐女子 fujoshi, the type of character who quasi-lusts over beautiful men pairing up together and imagines gay subtext in everything. Literally 腐女子 means a rotten or corrupt girl, and that’s why her power is to rot or corrupt matter. I’m not sure what a humicane is.

As for where she’s been getting all those pictures, well, I suppose that’s still a mystery.

Another pun: it says “bye-bye”, but the “bye” sound has another meaning in Japanese. 倍々, the first two runes there, read baibai and mean “multiplied” or “many times over,” referring to Gepard attacking with five or six times as many missiles as a single loadout.

The last new move is just a reference to that other Kawamori show, full name Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

All This Time, These 12,000 Years

I'll never forget how lovely you smell.Apollo, and Silvia d’Alicia (I keep writing it “Sylvia” but I am told that’s not right), a.k.a. Apollon and Silvie. Of course, this entire sequence that Evol shows Team Triangular is footage from Genesis of Aquarion and sharp eyes will recognize some of the clips (mostly I caught GEN’s lecture about three arrows).

To the credit of the people from 24,000 years in the future, they actually got a lot of this scene right in Skies of Aquaria. The discrepancies can mostly be chalked up to corruption of the legend over millenia and artistic license in casting. Though apparently, the fact that it’s Apollon and Silvie instead of Apollo and Silvia is going to be a bit important. Aquarion was already rethistoried into Aquaria, so I’m guessing those will be linked.

This tells you all you need to know about that relationship.

The light of my beloved Wings of the Sun.If you aren’t up to date on yourAquarion history, a lot of the first leg of Genesis was dedicated to locating the reincarnation of Apollonius (spoilers: it’s Apollo), whose wings were ripped off when he betrayed his race, the Dark Angels, to fight beside his human lover. Those wings were part of the Machine Angel he built to help the humans win the war, and Apollo was the rest of him, so Apollonius was only complete (and talked through Apollo a few times) when Apollo was synchronized with Solar Aquarion.

Anyway, this guy talking is Toma the Head Angel, who was Apollonius’ lover and spiteful angel scorned. He spent a long time lamenting the loss of his love and trying to win the combined Apollonius back to him while also trying to use the Wings of the Sun to pollinate the Tree of Life.

I've seen him somewhere...A clue that Mikono is the legit rebirth of Silvia? She has dim memories of Toma but can’t remember clearly what they are.

the legendary Aquarion?I’m not sure about this wording here. If you parse it straight it’s something along the lines of “the legendary myth-form Aquarion” but I’m not sure exactly what that implies, other than they know that there’s our Aquarion (Evol) and another Aquarion associated with a legend (Skies of Aquaria?) so this is your extremely vague resulting line. Trying to predict this show’s foreshadowing is maddening. If I had a prophecy power, or even just more time, I might do better on that front.


Oops! I'm supposed to meet Andy!Mix and Andy have a date~

I like these two. Mix has chilled out and Andy is concentrated bro. May they be happy forever. (When is Andy going to get his first mixed Union with Mix, anyway?)

Meanwhile, I don’t really care about Amata’s love life and I’ll leave Cayenne and Shrade to Sazanka, so what little shrivelled part of my brain actually ships is completely devoted to Donar and Suomi as of now.

For reference, the Vega runes: Mikono’s reads “jealousy,” Amata’s reads “disturbance,” and Zessica’s reads (I think) “fall in love.” Kanji are the same.

This is, I think, the second episode that’s advanced a subplot on slow boil about Izumo and the progressing collapse of Ianthe, apparently the last bastion of stability on the dying Altair. Something to watch out for.

Um. Whoops.

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5 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 16

  1. Buck says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog after watching an episode of aquarion. It really helps me get a better understanding of everything going on in the show when given a direct explanation on evrything from the one who translated it. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. WhatSht says:

    Bye-Bye Missiles was a Macross reference, Macross was famous for its beautiful missile swarms.
    Super Dimensional Mugen Attack was probably lifted from the similar attack in Another Century Episode: R where Aquarion did a mugen punch through the fold space.


    And I like Spada as well, Shrade made Spada look so cool.

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