Aquarion EVOL 17

Alternate title: Bananaquarion EVOL.

On the subject of which…


Comment 1: Yes, I want this one to be the first picture in the post.

Comment 2: You guys, Crea said the bananas aren’t for snacking on!

There’s a metaphor in this episode about bananas representing ripening, which I’m sure has all kinds of ties to the Elements’ training, puberty, falling in love, and god knows what else Kawamori has in mind. I’m not going to highlight each example, but the word “ripen” is a good clue. Also, there are several penis jokes real and potential but I refuse to make any of them.

These must be an old type of banana.Think I messed up phrasing this one. Modern bananas are bred to hell and back, and ancestral bananas before humans started engineering them are pretty much what’s shown in this episode – lumpy and full of seeds. Shrade did say “ancestral banana” but that sounded really bad when I was writing it and maybe I went too far the other way.

In the Garden of Atlandia, the Serpent that tempted Eve hid itself in a banana tree.ZEN, what the hell? I mean, Vega isn’t quite Earth, I know, but this… what?

The banana is the fruit of Paradise, and the fruit of the Sun.Seriously, I got nothing. The snake is cute, though.


Say what you want about Zessica’s “development” but she’s still doing better on that front than Mikono.

Although I absolutely cannot say I like this outfit. All I do have to say about it is:

[15:11:20] <Caphi> Yeah I was hoping they’d colored it wrong too
[15:11:23] <Caphi> But no
[15:11:30] <Caphi> She’s actually wearing a dress with tit hammocks

Hopefully she ditches it next week.

If love ripens, Aquarion goes nuts, you know.Tit hammocks aside, she looks like she’s out of her depression for the moment and back to being energetic and confident, the way I came to like her in the first month or so. The preview suggests she still has issues to work out, though.

(Even if she doesn’t “win”, she’s still getting more time and more character than Mikono, a state I’m perfectly happy with.)

Original Aquarion

The Legendary Aquarion?I give up. Apparently 神話型アクエリオン is going to be a term. I still wonder how much anyone in the cast (except ZEN, of course) knows or thinks about it, considering at the beginning of the show they only knew about the Aquaria and “Aquarion” was taboo.

Nothing much came of the characters’ predictions that they were going to dig up the Legendary Aquarion, except that in a sense, they did – sharp-eyed viewers recognized this big rusted object Andy landed on as a section of the Genesis Infinity Punch that Solar Aquarion used to keep the world from shattering apart. This confirms that Vega is Earth and Genesis Aquarion is within it, but it’s not looking too healthy.

As people have been excited about since it showed up in the preview last week, this creature is a Cherubim. Cherubims were the mechanical soldiers of the Dark Angels in Genesis of Aquarion, and they appeared in various shapes and powers, from the generic white grunt to customized armor variants that were directly controlled by the Angels themselves.

This one is mostly a generic Cherubim, only blue, with a crescent stuck through its head, and ice powers. More important than its details are its implications, of course – where it came from, who’s controlling it, and to what extent ZEN planned around it.

I've found a fragment of the Wings of the Sun. But the better part of them are elsewhere.

A line firmly in the class of infuriating vague villain foreshadowing. Does he mean a piece of the Wings was separated from the main body, or that part of the Wings’ power manifested during the battle from the true Wings far away? Wings of the Sun talk counts as Genesis Aquarion talk as far as I’m concerned.


Pretty sure I’m out of important things to talk about, so…

Sazanka channelling Ranka, pose aside (did they paste one image of Sazanka into all those shots?), with help from typesetting courtesy of the lovely koda.

Other Shit

If this is a ship suggestion, then I don’t like it. These two already have lives (and loves – Sazanka has the idea of Cayenne/Shrade and Malloy has about twenty other background girls). I’m not a fan of the idea that everyone has to find a sexually compatible significant other by the end of the story or it doesn’t count.

In seriousness, it’s probably just regular old modesty and embarrassment. This is just one of my issues.

Damn it, I'll be triggering my own death flag if I say this, huh?I wasn’t really into actually including the word “flag” in this line. I mean, it’s a real, well-known trope, but talking about “raising death flags” in those terms seems like a very anime way of saying it. Then again, EVOL is a fairly anime anime. Whatever works, I guess.

(Don’t die, Andy…)

Not sure if this is Engrish or if they rejected “Bunch Punch” for sounding too corny even for the series that gave us Bye-Bye Missiles.

I can feel it rising up! The energy of life itself!

Sticking with “rising” for the title. It could mean the hot water literally rising from underground, a plant growing upwards towards the light, or the “energy of life” rising up from the soil.

As usual I refuse to join the shipwar. I may like Zess as a character more than Mikono, but I really don’t care how it turns out for Amata.

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4 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 17

  1. WhatSht says:

    I really hope Andy doesn’t die.

    I was expecting something to happen to the original Aquarion. Oh well, since Vega(and Aquarion) isn’t looking that healthy, Aquarion seems to be, like the Tree of Life, dying and they are gonna replace it with Evol, and 12000 years later, another Aquarion will take its place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why Mikono have scared face at end of episode.

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