Aquarion EVOL 18

An interesting episode in a neutral sense. Relatively speaking, not a lot of mecha (though the Ahura Gnis is sweet), not a lot of technobabble or heavy exposition, but a lot of feelings. And daddy issues. Since the title was “Rare Igura,” it’s only natural that we focus on the girls.


Daddy's right. I'm holding you guys back.I could have sworn Mikono dealt with her inferiority issues months ago. Apparently, remembering her relationship with her dad brought them all back. I guess you can be the pilot of a giant magical robot and have some dope fighting an alien werewolf for your love, but you still want to impress your parents.

In fact, I want Dad to see how you've changed.In a way, Mikono is the only “Rare Igura” to have pulled off a “good end” for this episode. Her brother Cayenne gets a minute in the spotlight and does not put it to waste. He’s such a good brother, and this touching scene brings both of them closer together.


If Mikono was treated well by this episode, Zessica was treated absolutely awfully.

Her issue is related to her new supposed breakthrough and the doubts she’s having about it. Am I supposed to write something trite like “It’s getting her boys, but it’s not getting her what she truly wants?” Bah.

Whoops, I meant to write “my one edge.”

Anyway this is the other half of the Sad Zessica Show; she thinks she can fill the void through battle. Look, I remember how cool Zessica was in the first five episodes or so and this is just depressing to watch. I don’t care what you’re wearing (but seriously drop the tit hammocks) or how many schleps you try to boink; do whatever you want but please stop being pathetic about it. Aren’t you a strong-willed and confident fighter?

(I might be too invested in this.)

Like this. What the hell is this? She’s almost as bad as Amata himself at this point. It’s more painful watching Zessica debase herself mentally than debase herself with tit hammocks.


I wonder what this is about. I hope it doesn’t mean she’ll come back with an even more ridiculous outfit.


As far as I’m concerned, Mix is currently doing better than both Mikono and Zessica, even though her Rare Igura issue is just a rehash of the last time we realized that her entire complex is a bad Japanese pun. I’m glad the afterdrama of last week isn’t just an ongoing misunderstanding, though, and that’s something EVOL is generally good at, at least for a big old melodrama anime.

She still lost the episode, though. You can’t win.

Rare Iguras

Each of these three girls insisted on fighting, each for her own reason.

For Zessica, it was about reclaiming her identity as Neo-Deava’s ace warrior, even though Amata’s broken her. There, I said it.

For Mix, it was a matter of equality – even when the enemy is targeting females, she feels women can and should fight as well as the men.

And for Mikono, whose complex revolves around feeling useless, the battle is a way she can contribute and be of use to Neo-Deava however she can.


You know who the real star of the episode was, though? This guy.

He faces a heavy dilemma: it takes a lot of Ianthe’s failing resources to mount the excursions it will take to find his true Eve and keep Altair alive, yet those resources are now dipping into the well-being of the very Altairians he’s trying to protect. This is what drives him to go out himself – it’s his last chance to get something done before he really has lost his war.

He is very interested in Alicia’s son, who he doesn’t know is Amata as such, but he keeps calling him her son (or “the son she left behind”). I’m not saying this means Izumo is or isn’t Amata’s dad for sure, but I’d expect trolling. It might not be out of character if he were interested in Amata as something associated with Alicia, maybe something tying her to Vega.

I don’t know where else to put this, but here’s a possible answer to one mystery – I guess an Igura is a female and a Rare Igura is an Element.


We definitely knew Crea depended on Zen, and now we see how much, as she’s clearly flailing with him gone. She’s still doing her best, though.

I don't mean to blame you for anything!I’d call this a sign of how messed up things are between Amata and Mikono. Kagura is the biggest thing bothering Amata about Mikono, and she’s the biggest thing bothering him about his life. Not to mention, that night was a big stressful ordeal for both of them and their relationship. Yet he can’t bring himself to confront her about it or even talk with her openly.

Andy is definitely my favorite character to write for. Zessica was up on the list before all the drama happened, and now they’re taking Andy and Zen, two at the very top of the list, away from me too? What am I writing for?!

Where did the sixth one go? The last time we saw all six Vectors was in the confession episode…


Other than Cayenne, every single character in this episode was fucking stupid. Fudo ZEN saved this show when he arrived and killed it when he left. Izumo Kamurogi is the new hero of Aquarion.

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5 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 18

  1. WhatSht says:

    Apparently the other characters disappeared during the attack.
    And yes, Andy is gonna be so fired up next episode.

  2. Ria says:

    HAHA… A lot of rage from fans due to this episode…Truthfully I can not wait till Kagura ‘miraculously’ shows up again and get’s the plot rolling (yet again) because these type of episodes are really (to put simply) STUPID…I do however like the whole family message this episode brought about but seriously if the reincarnations of the characters from Sousei No Aquarion had this much doom and gloom they must have harbored a lot of angst and issues when they died…right now I’m hoping Kawamori-san has them completely leave behind their past lives and to at least move on, on a positive note there is just so much dark atmosphere I can take…and because the reincarnations haven’t been revealed yet just feels like its dragging on and just reminds me of the part I dislike about Kawamori-san’s animes…THE TROLLING…gah!

    • WhatSht says:

      Compare the setting of Sousei no Aquarion with the setting of Evangelion.
      Maybe thats why the characters are so fucked up.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks it's ironic that Mix, the one who hates men, got whisked off to a planet whose population is 100% male? says:

    A crapton of people don’t like Zessica that much anymore and were eager to see her leave, but if she got captured, she’d get the “princess in a tower” treatment and become the reason Vega finally decides to invade Altair, in addition to receiving badass points for her self-sacrifice. Plus, she gets guilt points for aiding in Mix’s departure from the show. So this episode could serve as an attempt to put a nail in the coffin that is Zessica’s dislikeability.
    On the other hand, the tits hammock dress is an indication that Zessica may ultimately redeem herself. It is a constant reminder that she isn’t being herself (Mikono copycat) and when she decides to accept her rejection (seriously, grow some balls), she’ll go back to what she used to wear, albeit a bit more badass, because “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or some other cliche.

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