Aquarion EVOL 19

I don’t think there’s a whole lot to this episode that doesn’t meet the eye, unlike some previous episodes where there was a lot of Japanese bullshit, mystical bullshit, or original Aquarion bullshit. Instead, let’s flirt with the fickle mistress that is speculation.

Fudo and Ants

Well, there’s one thing to explain: blah blah punning on Japanese word for ants. This is irrelevant.

Anyway, I don’t normally pick on obtuse symbolism and foreshadowing, but here’s some: he’s watching ants gathered around a butterfly. Go wild guessing what the butterfly represents (Fudo? Mikage? Aquarion?), but first, remember this: in this universe, butterflies are symbolic of rebirth.

I’m pretty sure Crea is just looking too hard, though.


She’s finally going to stop leading him on and put a bullet in this drama, and then we can finally-

Are you serious, Mikono?

The show’s treatment of Shush has been inconsistent as hell. Just a few episodes ago, Mikono was saying Kagura couldn’t be all rotten because Shush liked him, and Amata was trying to get to Mikono through the cat’s stomach.


And you. Remember when I said to stop being pathetic? This is the opposite of what I said.

(She seems calmer in the rest of the episode, though. Just that self control again or did Mikage do something?)


Of course they’re doing this on purpose.

Still pursuing the Melody of Aquarion, I see. Let’s see how long that lasts.

I love that his weapon of choice is the air violin.

That’s all I have to say about Shrade. What? I like him.


I guess I could trace the foreshadowing, or go into the predictable “uguu big bangs why did you have to go ;A;” routine, but that sounds like an enormous waste of time.

Boy Mix has had some unusual reactions. First, he pieces together that he may have something to do with Andy’s missing “friend,” and he can pretty much stop Andy whenever. This kind of dynamic, where Boy Mix is a genuine traitor taking advantage of Mix’s memories (or at least attachments), could have been very interesting in a more serious show.

Aquarion, I suppose, doesn’t have enough room for that, or maybe can’t handle it, so all it takes is his old name to start stirring Mix’s memories up. Between that and the next episode title, “MI-XY,” I expect this little arc to conclude within an episode, though who knows what the final state will be?

He still has his power, at least, and this could be letting us know that he has his memories (partially?) back in addition to confirming that he really is Mix. I also like how they let him keep Mix’s hair as a boy, braid and all.


It seems Mikage was in love and got turned down. Toma didn’t really get rejected so much as left, and he had Apollonius for a while, so I don’t think he quite fits. If it has to be an Angel from Genesis, my money is on the Otoha theory. (Otoha was, in short, the Angel of Music (I think) who had a torch for Toma and hated seeing him obsessed with Apollonius.) The parallels to Zessica there are much more clear, too.

Whatever he has planned for Zessica, it probably involves Kagura.


Izumo attaches significance to Amata’s flight powers, and has for a long time. I hope they meet next week.

Altair’s magic is starting to work on Zessica and Yunoha. But the timeline for them to stay is less than half a day in show time, so I’m not convinced they won’t fly off before they die/grow dongs.

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2 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 19

  1. Andy can’t kill Boy Mix, but the reverse is also true, Mix can never bring herself(himself) to kill Andy. Why is Kagura in Amata’s old room.
    Seriously, I hope there isn’t a repeat of Macross Frontier episode 20, and we’re so close to episode 20.

  2. Ria says:

    Most importantly I hope it doesn’t end like Macross F in regards to the second movie…but then again that would be so like kawamori to do that….

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