Aquarion EVOL 21

So much plot, I don’t know what to do! I guess I should take it a little at a time.


Hey, remember how the preview last week was all like, “You guys! Mikono is back and she’s wearing Fudo’s coat and she’s clapping and probably spouting koans to connect people and shit!” Ha ha ha ha.

But seriously, she’s still a tube for ZEN to exposit at and a pawn to be placed at the right position when the endgame comes. Hey, I guess she really is Silvia!

But seriously seriously, what did Silvia do to Apollo that makes Mikono keep coming back to this note whenever her memories stir? Sure, he sacrificed himself to Genesis Aquarion to save the world, but considering that, they parted on good terms and promised to get back together in twelve thousand years. Does “Silvia” still regret letting Apollo go?

(This is what I do to avoid paying attention to the love story.)

Book of Genesis

This is kind of connected to Mikono’s section of the plot.

By the way, remember back when it was the Book of Twin Stars? Well, the reasons for that were a combination of 2ch spoilers, “maybe Andy’s legitimately wrong,” and the possibility that the two stars (the word in Japanese can also mean “planet”) were Vega and Altair.

On the other hand, even if Andy meant Twin Stars, ZEN should know the thing’s real name, and the real name is definitely “Genesis” for reasons that should be obvious.

And it turns out the gap between light and darkness isn’t a koan about duality and things being greater than the sum of their parts, it’s an actual place and ZEN’s personal scrying base. I have a feeling he’s been using it all series long off-screen.

Speaking of the contents of the Book of Genesis, isn’t that Scorpius in the background? I’ll leave the untangling of that to people who actually know the movies and have thought about how they diverge from the original series.

Zessica Wong Dies in Magma

I’m not sure she’s dead. On the one hand, Kagura did something, which presumably means she’s carried out her “promise,” but from a narrative standpoint, the script hasn’t dropped that load yet – you know, confirmation of what that promise is, how she is to fulfil it without knowing what it is, and how it further’s Mikage’s plans. To put it another way, Zessica’s arc still has loose ends even if her “real” existence is over. I can’t think she’s going to truly vanish until the promise gets resolved one way or another.

p.s. I figured out when Zessica’s character did its big sucky turnaround. Have you?


The episode’s main payload, I daresay.

This screenshot doesn’t represent anything. It’s just really creepy, though the whole Baron Ashura-a-like sequence was pretty well crafted art-wise, I thought.

I guess this is the point? Kagura divided from Amata because he blamed himself for losing his mom? I’m kind of confused though, because I’m pretty sure Amata still blames himself for losing his mom. It’s not like he separated those regrets from himself; hell, it’s most of his character other than Mikono.

Oh yeah, and there’s this weird Altair/Vega crossover angle. Where you going with this, Kawamori?

(tlnote: もう一人の俺, literally “another me,” also signifies things like alternate selves and even “you’re just like me” situations. Since Kagura shares Amata’s memories, even now knowing his name out of nowhere, and combined with a ton of other not-too-subtle clues, this interpretation seems pretty obvious. Besides, “you’re me!” has a punch to it that adding words only waters down.)

Oh yeah, and this happened.


捨て身 means putting one’s life at risk. Couldn’t think of a more meaningful and less awkward way to write it. Sorry. (Other options: “Jeopardy,” “Dangerous,” “Life-on-the-Line.”)

Shrade is immortal. Not that I’m complaining, he does the absolute best Unions. Zessica used to have a really solid Spada before that thing happened to her, and I would dearly have loved to see Cayenne rock the new Gepard more, but what can you do?

Anyway, Wings of Rebirth. Pretty much all three words in that title can mean a variety of different things. Wings could refer to Amata or Aquarion; rebirth could mean, honestly, pretty much anything at this point; and the “of” particle, I guess, signifies some sort of connection between them?

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7 Responses to Aquarion EVOL 21

  1. I call Andy pulling a Junpei Iori. Virgin forever. says:

    I stick with the clothes change theory. Because Zessica only stopped wearing the tits hammock in the moments leading to her death, she probably started her turnaround the moment we saw her in the Vector.

    If the changes that occurred in Zessica and Yunoha were not permanent, then perhaps Mixy is reversible in sex?

  2. Ria says:

    In regards to Mikono’s apology, I can really only think of four reasons of what it could be. 1 – She has somehow connected with Alicia in the earlier episodes (using her connecting power) and has somehow become a medium to channel Alicia’s feelings (strange, I know). But she did connect with Jin when he died (in the funeral episode). 2 – Mikono is Sylvia and is apologising for whatever she did in Sousei no Aquarion (because Sylvia says ‘forgive me’ when Touma, Sirius and Apollo are fighting with each other in the tree of life). 3 – Mikono is Celiane and is apologising to Apollonius (presumably) because she was the reason he turned his back on the shadow angels and because he tore off his wings to save her. 4 – Mikono is Apollonius, he is apologising to the wings of the sun due to tearing them off from his body, in Genesis Apollonius + his wings became one again BUT Apollonius was reincarnated seperately from his wings. His wings reincarnated into a being at first (AMATA) then the wings were seperated into two (Amata + Kagura) one is the left and one is the right wing (left hand and right hand).

    Also in regards to Scorpius appearing from what Fudo was talking about, I think has a lot to do with the fact that Evol incorporates both Sousei no Aquarion and the OVA’s. I heard somewhere that Kawamori really liked the drama and over all chacrater development and ending in the OVA. It’s difficult to say which episodes or even parts correspond to which previous series but a lot of it is combined together (probably why everyone thinks the writing is crap in EVOL) because they use different elements from the past series.

  3. caigithenay says:
    The lyrics to Paradoxical ZOO is the 2nd post. Apparently it’s 反転する世界のプラトニック感じたいよ (platonic?) not kattou ni as in the subs? May be you can change it next week.

  4. Given that they can split someone into 2, what if Altair was actually the dying(or negative) side of Vega that was separated from Vega after Aquarion was sacrificed? Note the contrasting colours of the planets, red and blue.

    Alternatively, Amata(and Kagura) could be the Wings, or even Apollonius, and Mikono is Celiane, she wanted to apologize for defecting to the angels(when she was Sirius) and thus removing one of the vectors, they weren’t able to form the true Aquarion with 2 original and 1 assault type, hence unable to reunite Apollonius’ soul, even for a little while.

    When are they going to bring out the original Aquarion? I do hope Kawamori brings it out soon.

  5. CharlCum89 says:

    I read that Holy Genesis and Twin Stars are the same sound in Japanese (sousei)

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