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鋼のレジスタンス / Steel Resistance by JAM Project

Remember when I did songs? I just finished Super Robot Wars Z2, with the “good” end this time, so to celebrate here’s a draft of its theme song, which I happen to really like. (All my lyrics are drafts because … Continue reading

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A usability thought, and a survey

(I’m not sure about this poll service, but it takes a minimum of setup and I’m lazy.) So in addition to being a terrible weeaboo, I’m also a software man. Lately I’ve had a chance to think about, and talk … Continue reading

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If you’re watching Joshiraku subbed, you’re full of shit

I have nothing against anything valerauko does in his spare time, and I think he’s done a pretty good job on this show. It’s just not meant to be subbed. Large swaths of the show – I’ll venture to say … Continue reading

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No Aquarion this week!

That’s it. I thought about writing some more shit about it, but then I decided not to. Instead I spent all day watching TV and playing video games.

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