Kamen Rider Wizard 02

So, Wizard. The comic relief rolled in this week and almost ruined everything, but I got more into Haruto’s character and there was a totally sweet bike fight at the end, so I forgive it. (The ringmaker isn’t the comic relief, by the way, but he’s funnier than the actual comic relief.)


was mostly about Haruto’s backstory, as well as this douchebag. I’m not going to spend much time on the victim of the week because he’s a victim of the week now, and later he’ll be a regular and I’ll have plenty of time to worry about him. Anyway, Gandalf here will (probably?) be back, so I’m not going to spend much time speculating about him either. And the backstory was laid out pretty straightforwardly in the show, so I don’t really need to explain it again. Which leaves me with… nothing to talk about. Hm. Well, the show’s still young.


チチンプイプイ is the Japanese meme for “the magic words,” essentially equivalent to “abracadabra” or “hocus pocus.” It’s pretty straightforward as a translation, but someone out there has their knickers in a knot about it, so here it is.

(Wikipedia.jp claims that its original usage was the exact “pain, pain, go away” spell he tries to pull on Yudai right here.)

This isn’t the only one-liner about Hellhound being a dog, but it’s my personal favorite. Some others pointed out that Hellhound doesn’t really look or act like a dog, but I couldn’t resist. It’s more fun this way.

Speaking of which, I wanted to put a one-liner here too, but I couldn’t think of one good enough in time. Candidates were “big things coming your way!” and “you’re in for a big surprise!”

Tlnotes 2: Unbearable Comic Relief Edition


What? Explanations. Right. These stooges repeat “rainbow” a few times before stooge #2 goes “rainbow” in Engrish. I wasn’t touching this one, so this is what the others came up with.

I had to look up whose idea the “honey” and “sweetie” camping was for this dude, and surprise, it was Magenta. I guess this character is inherently funny to the Japanese, because this guy is not the only Japanese comedian playing it. Worse, Haruto is a regular at this donut stand, so they’re likely to keep coming back. I’m all right with Shunpei but I downright like him compared to these chuckleheads.


Last week I confessed to being a little lost on Koyomi, but after seeing a little more of her in action I now think I was in the right place all along. Kid’s your standard-issue mysterious, slightly eerie little magic girl and this flat style of dialogue is about right for her.

Presumably the white dude did something about her Phantom, but watch for her to become a plot key by the end anyway. We know she can use that crystal ball.

Japanese – Echoing

There’s this thing they do where they’ll seize on a word in a sentence and repeat it in a questioning inflection. This is not exactly a real question so much as asking for clarification, elaboration, or just confirmation on that subject, so it comes off weird to translate and shows up naked very frequently in your average localized cartoon or video game.

Now, occasionally I get lucky and the echo can be teased into a full reaction. But not often. It’s just that the idiom is less flexible and amenable to context than your そう言われてもs and your 仕方がないs. (Incidentally, both of those are applicable to the very thing I’m talking about.)

Come back weekly for more things I hate about Japanese, by the way. With less space devoted to bitching about the plot, I can find fresh and exciting things to bitch about.

By the way

I forgot to go over the Super Hero Time bumper, so just a warning – this sort of sentence is what happens when the editor isn’t on the ball. You’re welcome.

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5 Responses to Kamen Rider Wizard 02

  1. Frumix says:

    >editor isn’t on the ball

  2. DeWe says:

    Thanks! Good translation overall, but I like to question the decision to translate Rinko-chan to Rinko darling. Darling gives a vibe that Haruto is somewhat playboy-ish, which he isn’t (or at least doesn’t appear so to me).

    • I didn’t do that one personally, but I’ll say that it works insofar as he was being extremely forward. Normally (and you see this when she shows up at the fight scene this week), Haruto’s general smug/condescending demeanor to Rinko is enough, but that once we needed Haruto to say something presumptuously familiar and diminutive so Rinko could take offense.

      • DeWe says:

        Ah, OK. I would’ve preferred something other than darling, but I guess that works for now. Thanks for the answer!

  3. taqidin says:

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