Star Driver movie Newtype interview

I hope you like stiffly tled prose and bad formatting because I do not feel like actually editing or decorating this rough translation. Thanks to the lovely Good Haro for helping.

Dazzling the stage!

New costume designs and first voice actor comments

Q1: How did you feel when you learned about the movie?
Q2: Tell us about the voice recording for the movie.
Q3: What would you tell the fans waiting for the opening?

Mamoru Miyano (Takuto Tsunashi)

A1: I was really surprised! And also really, really happy! I really loved the show, plus I loved the cast members and the staff and now I get to work with them again… Plus, the most important thing, I was filled with joy because I loved Takuto and I would get to meet him and play him again!!
A2: It’s been a long time, I but I felt like the atmosphere of the studio was the same. Especially being noisy with Fukuyama and Hayami (laughs). There’s some new stuff and some shocking developments and we had a lot of fun acting.
A3: Enjoy the sparkling, glittering world of Star Driver on the big screen! It’s full of new stuff! Lots of excitement! I want you to feel our passion! Your galaxy will shine!

Jun Fukuyama (Sugata Shindo)

A1: I did this “Kiraboshi, woo!” victory pose as a joke (? – tl), but foremost in my mind was the joy that I could meet Takuto’s gang again.
A2: A lot of feelings came back from working on the show. It was so much fun, I want to do it again (laughs).
A3: We’re gonna see the Galactic Pretty Boy! Everyone do your Kiraboshi at the movies! It’ll be fun (laughs).

Saori Hayami (Wako Agemaki)

A1: Awesome! Yes! were my first thoughts. This is something the whole cast and staff worked on together, so I had this deep feeling like “Finally, we’re getting a movie.”
A2: It’s been a while since the show, so I was a little nervous… but the recording studio felt exactly the same as before, so I could get right back into Wako’s character. I think Star Driver owes a lot to the pace of interactions between characters, so it was a lot of fun to recapture that while acting.
A3: Thanks for waiting all this time, Star Driver fans! It’s going to be really intense, full throttle just five minutes in. I’d like you to savor the experience in the theater.

A further evolved Tauburn

It’s full name is “Tauburn Compartment”. It has some sort of shield implement on its shoulders and gold trim around its arms and legs. The biggest thing about it is the wide open core compartment in its chest. The designer, Koyama, said: “I designed it based on what the boy Takuto experienced through the TV series. Mr. Igarashi’s only orders were ‘Make the chest pop! Like it’s a big X”. That was the main concern. I got a first draft accepted. It went with a tau, bang bang (laughs) (aaaa puns – tl).”


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2 Responses to Star Driver movie Newtype interview

  1. potterlegs says:

    “Especially being noisy with Fukuyama and Hayami”
    I’m laughed, if only out of immaturity.

  2. Dycize says:

    Shiny new Tauburn looks cool.
    Nice to hear some news about that movie, even if it’s almost nothing..
    I wonder if the fact the new Tauburn is based on what happened during the serie might imply it being a sequel movie of sorts.

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