Kamen Rider Wizard 03

I am still enjoying this show.


I really like Haruto. He’s cool, smooth, grounded, and competent, but definitely a nice dude.

And snaps off some nice lines at times. He’s really warmed up since the first episode, hasn’t he?

This is going to be the sidekick’s personality. Have fun!

I’ve been looking for the word for Shunpei’s style, and I think it’s “theatrical.” His mannerisms as well as the way he talks both suggest that either he’s really showy and ostentatious, or he is simply not doing a very subtle performance. And I’m not sure how to render that personality in text, either way, while still making him sound like a boy – I feel like it’s based more on delivery and body language. Oh well.

My next thing to attack is Wajima. He’s the goofy uncle/grandpa figure that occasionally drops some home style wisdom, but I haven’t had much practice writing that character. Give me a bit.


If you can predict genres, like, at all, you could tell who Hellhound was immediately, but even so, here was a hint – when Shunpei does his trick, Tajima can no longer be seen even when the camera does a moving shot, and he pops back up from behind.

And if you were Japanese, or can do a reasonable impression, you might also have noticed (I didn’t, but I don’t pay that much attention, which is why I’m awful at mysteries) that Hellhound and Tajima both use the word 恐縮 to kiss ass. It’s hard to translate consistently because it could be respect, gratitude, or apology. It’s sort of a self-debasement expression. Japanese is good at those.

Some Tlnotes

This is a little joke because Kamen Rider airs on TV Asahi (Sunrise), and the fictional station is TV Yuuhi (Sunset).

I wish I’d come up with this joke, but it’s pretty much the exact thing he said in Japanese.

You can tell this is a Heat line because it includes the linguistic kibble “ended up” (from Japanese -shimatta) and “looks like” (not that bad English, but shows up much too often in the scripts).

Anyway, I think the actual implication of this line is that the existence of the rings and the fact that they found their way into Haruto’s hands is what has saddled Haruto with the burden of Phantom-hunting (like, if he hadn’t made them, Haruto would just be a normal ritual survivor). I’m not sure if the final cut of this line messed with the hint, but we’ll see.


Oh, this guy. You know what I find weird? The NSA keeps popping up but they aren’t in the theme song footage, like, at all. Just Rinko.

Big Bang Rider Kick

So I hear a bunch of old white dudes watching Power Rangers: Bugman Wars are also into giant robot cartoons. Have you guys seen Shin Mazinger? Go see it. If you have, you know what this is about. (This show is great.)

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One Response to Kamen Rider Wizard 03

  1. Frumix says:

    Give little Koyomi a break, it’s hard being undead.

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