Kamen Rider Wizard 04

More like “catch us next week.”

Things of the Fortnight

Every two weeks, Kamen Rider has to establish and then take to conclusion a new character, and that means (for them and for us) expressing that character’s personality and problem lean, tightly, and efficiently. This is the “will do anything for his immediate goal” victim you’ve seen before, though in Wizard, that sets him up for destruction, not temptation or possession. But what of his change of heart at the end? Hopefully it’s not another “but it doesn’t really make me happy” plot, just because those are kind of tired, however much Asian kids can relate.

Now, Cat is a good story. Due to, um, some factors (and despite several others), I started the idea of ebonifying him but couldn’t get it to snuff on my own. This was partly because “street” parody tastes best with tough, confident characters, but this guy is always complaining, groveling to the Phantoms, or gloating like a six year old. Also, it’s really hard to write a gangsta while keeping it PG.

So I threw the idea around the staff room and this happened:

[13:32:04] <Lynxara> Yeah so knowing that Cat Sidhe lives in a junkyard makes me want to do his dialogue like the hipster jive cat from Cadillac Cats

I think I love this team.


I like the “victim of the week, while also a main character’s issues” thing they’re doing here.

By the way, it turns out she’s not jealous! She’s just serious and grumpy. (She’s probably jealous.)

Also, she’s some kind of magical robot. Isn’t it a little early to be revealing that the sidekick is some kind of nonhuman linked to the main plot? Like, 40 episodes early?

There are far worse times to whine blog about this word. It’s pretty straightforward here, where it means just what it says. Take it, love it, don’t be bad about it. But when it shows up in the context of “accepting” specific emotions (Mikono Suzushiro was claimed to accept pain, Gentaro Kisaragi frequently told his bros he’d accept their feels, and so on), I’m not sure what to do with it. Just “accept” always sounds weird.

Anyway, I think a better way of putting it here would have been “accept her just as she is,” but there’s a subtle difference between that and saying everything. C’est la vie.

(And if they’re supposed to accept her for what she is, when was Haruto going to tell them what she is?)

It’s true. She’s not (just) snubbing, she’s not hungry because she doesn’t need food (the plain equivalent to the Japanese, if you give a shit, was actually “I don’t need it”).


It sounds funny, but if you take the first “please” in a slightly different sense of the word, it becomes really skeevy.

And the rest of the scene doesn’t help, so this bit was written to emphasize the innuendo that Rinko felt she’d walked into something really awkward as much as possible.

It was “magic power” initially and it’s been that way before, but we wanted to make it a shorter word that fits better in sentences. “Magic power” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Rinko reacts incredulously – “Seriously? Mana?” – like you’d think he said he’s out of MP (which I considered making it for a split second, lest anyone say I can’t control my trolling urges).

I really love that the Wizard Driver is some kind of magicaltronic computer. LogErr – Out of mana. System will now shut down. It’s his fault for fighting so gaudily, though!

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5 Responses to Kamen Rider Wizard 04

  1. potterlegs says:

    How long is Wizard going for?

  2. Abby L says:

    There was no need to “ebonify” Cat’s dialogue at all, and the fact that you tried to and eventually went with another black character stereotype is dumb, offensive, AND racist. As a professional translator myself, I obviously know it’s important to localize things so you don’t end up with shit like what tv-nihon puts out… But you need to know when your own cultural perceptions are changing the way that you perceive a character and therefore the way everyone who watches your subs perceives them. There’s nothing in his dialogue that intimates the same kind of feel you get from a character who uses “jive” talk, not that there’s a comparable manner of speech in Japanese at all. Plus, he already had the trait of stupid cat puns, which you tended to ignore altogether. As excited as I was to see a non-Japanese actor whose Japanese was fluent, I was disappointed at the subtitles you used to portray him to the non-Japanese-speaking audience. Way to be part of the problem.

    • Did we watch the same Cat Sidhe? Did we read the same subs? He does talk funny, and it is supposed to be weird and silly and a little stupid, whether or not that was supposed to be related to the black actor (though I have a strong feeling it is). We used the hip talk to translate the way his strange hobo speech contributes to the way he’s supposed to come across overall, of which his foreign appearance is also a part.

      Meanwhile, I’m reading the caps right now and they bear out my memory that Cat wasn’t doing cat puns at all, not even the phone-it-in “nya” tic – though Over-Time’s script actually did include its own cat puns, some even matching up to the original script.

    • Magenta says:

      if you don’t think a character who completely unironically uses “chaccha to” and “no ni yo” to open and close the same sentence needs something doing to their dialogue, you’re a bigger problem

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