Kamen Rider Wizard 05

I don’t have much to say about this episode, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. It was just mostly straightforward, and I’m digging a little into my bucket of general things to blog about. Plus I’m not digging too deep because it’s late.

The Moral

The kid-friendly message of this episode is a twist on the usual (with only three arcs done, is there even a “usual” yet?) despair business. Rather than focusing on “what keeps you going on,” like what was done to Rinko and Shunpei, the plot focused on a man who had already lost his future and the heroes’ quest to give it back to him.

Actually, I strengthened the “past-present-future” angle to this bit. Those words aren’t used in the Japanese, if you listen, or at least “future” isn’t. They do say something that means “keep moving forward” instead, which is an image I personally like, but that particular phrasing was deemed too Japanesey. I don’t see it in this case, and I’m as much of an anti-Japanesey crusader as anyone. But anyway, we came to a solution I think works nicely.

Oh yeah, and this is another case of that “accept” word I touched on last week. It’s the same word and concept to “accept” Koyomi and Takagi’s state, but the nuance and proper English phrasing are different for the two. “Accept” is as appropriate as it’s going to get for Koyomi’s case, but in Takagi’s we could use “face” as in “face reality.”

While I’m here, I think Koyomi’s parallel is a little strained – she’d lost her past and had no choice but to move on, while Takagi’s past was giving him stress because he couldn’t live up to it.

I still thought it was a nice story and I’m glad Koyomi’s warmed up a little. Who’s next to learn about, Wajima? I hope it’s Wajima.


This is a standard “I’ve warmed up to you but I’m still a little sour” line, and she later echoes herself to show she’s genuinely opened up. At first, I didn’t know how to write the sentiment so it could be phrased exactly the same in both segments – one is an answer and the other isn’t, one means she doesn’t care and the other means she doesn’t mind – so I gave it up and the post-editors rescued it later. Now, it could have worked without, because the character development shows through whether the wordplay is there or not. On the other hand, this phrasing might be a little un-Koyomi (this is what voice means), but not much at all, and it does the job all right.

(This is a placeholder for my expanding impressions of what Over-Time calls “QC” and my experiences with them, because I don’t feel like writing it right now but I want to remind myself to do it someday. I have almost a year to get all these out on paper!)


Warm is a little bit of a Japanese-ism, an idiom of sorts for gentleness, kindness, grace, acceptance, all that jazz. I think the imagery makes sense even to an English speaker, but it’s not something most English speakers would come up with on their own, so it’s in kind of a weird place. And it sounds really weird when someone just up and declares they can feel the (metaphorical) warmth, which is how I keep seeing it used.

But here, it doubles as a nice little contrast to when Rinko touched Koyomi and was shocked at her cold body, so we had to leave it. And I think in that context it makes sense, so here it is. And, again, I daresay most viewers will still make the connection.

On Dragons

This is not a tlnote, but an observation. I’ve heard some people wondering how Toei is going to do a CG monster fight every two weeks, and the answer is that they aren’t. This sort of means Takagi isn’t Engaged and is still technically a Gate, and this raises questions that it would be terribly tin-eared to contemplate. Since this is a show for children, I’m expecting that he’s just safe and going to study happily in Germany or wherever now that his plot is done, but I will still be happy if this does come back someday.

Fwee, this was more back room story time than actual tlnotes. Oh well, comments are open in case I missed anything actually substantial. But you know, it’s not always keen insights into translating over here! Sometimes I just want to, um, blog.

Oh well. See you next week.

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2 Responses to Kamen Rider Wizard 05

  1. Just wanted to say I’m really appreciating these translation notes blogs. I’m not a native english speaker, so it goes three ways for me; it’s really interesting to see how you adapt particular japanese phrasing to english, and how I “get” it in portuguese.

    Anyway. Please keep going for the entirety of Wizard, it’s a great “further reading”, so to say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you TL any Autumn anime?

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