Kamen Rider Wizard 07

I’m going to try not to whine about how plain sugar this show’s writing is too much, but I have to do it a little. Let me get it out of the way first.


Oh, look. Haruto said something about himself that isn’t about other people keeping hope and looking forward, or donuts, or Phantoms. Please go on, Harut

or that.

Actually, this is the area Haruto isn’t lacking. His angle on hope and looking forward has promise, and there are a few big things hinted at in his background that that are being produced at a reasonable pace. The thing is, he’s not that interesting in his normal, everyday self. The big stuff is all well and good but he needs to make a constant impression, have a personality that sticks out every scene – suppose he was always “performing” and doing flairs and magic tricks. Instead, what can you say he does other than eat donuts and react to Phantom attacks?

As one of the people laying down words for Haruto, I’m extra sensitive to the presence, absence, and quality of surface traits like that because in this genre they’re the first level of that “voice” thing: how a character comes across in every single line, and what I can do to reconstruct (or avoid destroying) it every single line. A fun character to watch is a fun one to write; if the original script phones it in, I have nothing to work with. And for better or for worse, that passes on to you, the leecher.

Now it’s very possible that this is, as some dudes have suggested, related to the main writer not writing the scripts for this and the next arc. If that’s the case, and we’ll see more engaging writing on the main characters come episode 10, then I’m glad the nightmare will end eventually, but less glad that eventually is guaranteed to take two more weeks. Please, please have an interesting Gate or Phantom. (Actually, Phoenix is pretty fun, so I’ll try to have fun with him.)

(To some extent, all of the above also applies to Koyomi, Rinko, and Wajima, though I think less so than Haruto. Shunpei is comic relief and doesn’t count for anything.)


By the way, I may have touched this last week, but that’s why I do things like this (speaking of Phoenix). I like joking around with the Phantoms, and I was depressed I didn’t catch many to make about Gnome. I think I put in one about burying something, but I don’t remember it very well because I wasn’t that pleased with it compared to, say, Medusa “rattling” or whole arrays around Hellhound and Cat Sidhe. Well, there’s always another week.

I sort of wish I could have done this for, say, OOO, but then, I don’t know if I could have lasted a whole year with them.

Incidentally, this wasn’t added. It’s actually the thing he says. Someone was going to complain about it, so I thought I’d get it on the record.


I’m glad we’re checking in with Rinko and the police simmerplot, because the police are my big hope for the plot to thicken. Haruto and the police/NSA butting heads is easy complications, and a fast track out of Hero Mode for Haruto since he’ll have to measure his heroism against other nominal good guys who don’t see eye to eye with him. While I wish it would happen already if it’s going to, at least this tells us they haven’t forgotten it quite yet. Though this scene seems suspiciously like an excuse for stalling. (How Beast fits into all this is up in the air.)

Is Haruto forcing people to use rings going to be a recurring thing? Because it’s pretty cool.

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One Response to Kamen Rider Wizard 07

  1. potterlegs says:

    I’d like Haruto in a donut-eating contest.

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