Kamen Rider Wizard 08

Lest anyone misconstrue my comments from last week, I still enjoy watching and working on this show. Oh, fair warning, it’s going to be one of those bloggin’ blogs again. This show’s been really dry on the note material lately.


I think I’ve finally realized that I should just accept Wizard as a Rider taking a shot at drama and tragedy and things to say. It’s not goofy or cartoony, it’s trying to be serious, and I’m willing to roll with that.

On the other hand, while I can respect Haruto for it, that just makes me wish all the more that the comedy didn’t fall on Shunpei. This week they seem to taunt us by putting him in pretty much the same outfit as a little brat.


I don’t have to explain who the Phantom is this week, but the Wizard site has a couple of factoids about him. It seems his power is not merely fire, but hellfire, which I suppose is why he mocked Wizard’s own fire magic. Also, his bigass sword is named Catastroph.

I really like Phoenix, though. Medusa is just evil middle management; Phoenix is a wild card. While he’s been portrayed as the idiot sidekick to Medusa, the brains of the operation, I’d like to think his initiative and energy will ultimately be a match for her calculating.

It’s also the first time Haruto has had difficulty with a Phantom in a straight fight, but I wasn’t one of the ones complaining about his seeming invincibility. If anything, I’d rather he win or lose by clever gimmicks, as with Hellhound and Gnome, rather than by overpowering level difference. Even so, the difficulty was because a boss did something, which is a sign that things are starting to spin up, so that’s good.

Besides, he’s going to get an upgrade anyway. Mostly, I’m curious about what Dragon has to say – the preview seemed to show Haruto talking to him.

Oh, and we met the famous Wiseman, albeit only in silhouette. I have to admit, I was expecting someone more dark-lordly and, I dunno, elder evil-seeming from the master of the Phantoms. Instead, we got this smug fucker. We’ll see where it goes.


I gotta say, even if they never get to seriously go through with it, the Phantoms’ plots are pretty brutal. Hellhound and Gnome committed arson, Cat Sidhe threatened maiming, and now Phoenix assaults a woman in front of her son.

By the way, between Haruto and the Phantoms’ ruthlessness, I may have finally come to terms with Wizard’s relative seriousness, but (or is it “so”?) this is the first time I’ve thought that the Driver’s jingle has impacted the drama of the show. It’s still not exactly destroying it for me, though.

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One Response to Kamen Rider Wizard 08

  1. Dycize says:

    Riders tend to be more or less serious. Here it’s jarring because Wizard happens after OOO and Fourze, which were a lot lighter.
    Monsters also tend to be pretty brutal, but in Wizard, we see monsters with -objectives-, they’re not just mildly rampaging for some reason or another, they’re targeting a person’s hope (life). In terms of tone, Wizard is closer to Faiz or Kabuto, both of which had drama and rather deadly monsters (Faiz in particular has -lots- of drama, even the funny sidekick gets a large helping of it).

    The advantage of having a strong rider is that villains feel much more badass when they have the upper hand, and frankly, the fight choregraphy is definitely one of Wizard’s strong points because they can portray such a strong character.
    As strange as it is, the story seem to move -really- fast. I mean, already the time for a power up? If this were a more regular rider show, an alternate form would be introduced instead of a straight up power up. We’ll see that will happen when Haruto interacts with his inner phantom I guess.

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