Kamen Rider Wizard 10

You guys enjoy your break? I’m not going to join in the speculation about who is and who isn’t Beast, but I like how this arc so far is about Kizaki coming to terms with his own sad douchiness.

So this one jumped out at me: this kid moves like a day away and the Phantoms just give up on him, huh? Clearly their collective stomping grounds are like one city, so either that city is absolutely crawling with them or there are only a handful in existence, I guess. Seems weird to think they’ve been doing this for six months. Maybe they’re just really slow.

When Haruto admonishes Kizaki for being shady, Kizaki retorts that Haruto has no room to talk because he’s a masked rider vigilante. But one of the things this show has established pretty well is that Haruto doesn’t keep his Riderhood secret at all and cheerfully wanders the city monster-hunting and introducing himself as the Wizard. Where were you going with that, Kizaki? I mean, Haruto even responds “Hey, pictures of me!” like of course he goes around in a trenchcoat and gaudy helmet.

I think maybe this show hasn’t fully thought out the Kizaki thing.

Also, can we stop using this excuse to have a Phantom ignore peoples’ actual issues and skip straight to violence? It was cute when Cat did it because Cat was an idiot. Phoenix was clearly an idiot, the bad boss even said so. But Gnome started with the dumb “fear of death” thing before figuring out the actual answer (arson) and now we have Gargoyle, and they were both, um, at least not-idiots. I think. I guess they have to do it this way so Haruto knows there’s a case going, since there’s no monster radar like the last three Riders – oh wait, what’s Koyomi’s job?

I think maybe this show hasn’t fully thought out the Phantom thing.

And do we have to keep having this conversation? Every two weeks, like clockwork.

Oh, look, we’re back to dragon fights. I suppose that means this arc is important to the overarching plot, huh. Be such a waste if it didn’t.


So I wasn’t really paying attention and apparently there’s some issue with the National Security guys. They’re not an all-Japan national security agency, they’re the national security division of the Metropolitan Police (presumably in Tokyo if that’s where the show takes place).

The translator says he wasn’t clear on how law enforcement was organized in the show, and until now he was just treating it as a national entity and now it turned out to be a national affairs division under a metropolitan entity. I just wasn’t paying attention because I stopped getting involved when this show goes into exposition mode long ago and just let the “NSA” interpretation stand, so you can put blame on me too if you like. I sort of figured it was national too, but that’s not the only thing in this episode that’s pegged the scope way smaller than I thought.

So basically, we done got tripped up. We’ll fix it at batch time. Sorry.

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