Kamen Rider Wizard 12

Welcome to Wizard’s contractually stipulated weird Japanese food episode.

Weird Japanese Food

As was mentioned on Over-Time’s release post, this episode is about manju. Personally, since the details of manju’s creation or composition aren’t really important to the episode at all, I have nothing to say about it. We left all those words in Japanese because it’s clearly a Japanese thing and all that really matters to the plot is they’re things Japanese confectioners make.

Also, Bairindou is an actual company, so he’s offering to replace their order with product from a bigger distributor. I suppose the Japanese kids would know that.


Oh man, Valkyrie. From the name, I was honestly expecting and hoping we’d get our first female Phantom of the week, so this dude sort of came out of left field. He’s not even effeminate or anything.

The phrase I am sticking with to describe him is “ironically formal,” obviously terrible but gilding it in a sycophantic tone that just makes him seem like more of a dick. He says everything like he’s your most humble servant, even when he’s threatening someone or describing how he smashed a guy’s face. In translation this went from “horrible thing in humble tone” to “barely masked euphemism with no remorse or embarrassment.”

But about that last part, Valkyrie brought thoughts to mind of how we lose a lot in translation by being unable to control delivery, pauses, interjections, and lots of subverbal stuff that doesn’t come across in the script format we’re restricted too. (This is where you get that anime dub delivery, too, as actors have to improvise within constraints of timing and pace that weren’t meant for English.) In another world, Valkyrie would have used a lot of “…shall we say…” and dramatic beats and that particular way of elongating words that traitor advisors plot with while stroking their goatees and little moustaches (at least, that’s how I hear him in my head), but in sub form those would just clutter things up. C’est la vie, and the team did its best with words alone.

(There’s a little more to say about how that applies to the comedy scenes, but that would involve analyzing jokes in Kamen Rider far more deeply than I would like, and I overthink this show too much as it is.)


This doesn’t go in the above section, but apparently every Dragon ring is going to come with its very own finisher ring. Gotta sell those toys!

Edited in later:



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  1. potterlegs says:

    Your pictures of Haruto being fabulous again disappeared.

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