Kamen Rider Wizard 16

Merry Christmas! I should neglect this site less. Anyway, this was Kamen Rider Wizard’s very cute standalone Christmas episode, and it was super sweet.

And Stuff Happened!

phoenixmedusaWe got to see Phoenix being really subservient to Medusa. Haha, that guy!

phoenixpowerThis was Phoenix’ second battle with Haruto, and I really hope they don’t let this power go to waste. He’ll get sacrificed at the end and come back a god or something. A very stupid, very wrathful god.

section zeroIn other news, apparently that whole Kizaki arc paid off. I guess this means the government isn’t going to be a thing and all the conflict is going to be between the Riders. Boo.

beastAnd we’re just a week from meeting the second Rider, as well as from seeing the outcome of that big stupid “wizard” vs. “mage” thing from ages ago. I don’t care about the supplemental materials enough to dump all the Beast info right now, but I’ll mention them if they become relevant in some way as we get to know the guy.


hecatonIf you’re curious, this thing is Hecatonchire.

santaNot touching the theology of Christmas episodes. Anyway, they actually went ahead and added the Merry Christmas Ring to the official site. Its description says it can only be used once on Christmas and you can never tell what it will do.

Santa is credited as Bill Fleming (don’t quote me on the spelling; it’s in phonetic Japanese).

shotaimen1 shotaimen2

Blah blah Japanese politeness blah localization. Although it’s very possible to take offense to a stranger using your first name in English, especially if you’re mad and looking to take offense like Tatsuro here was. Tatsuro cursing a lot was on the table, but this is a kids’ show so I try to keep it PG (though Phoenix slips them through sometimes).

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1 Response to Kamen Rider Wizard 16

  1. idebenone says:

    in the preview for next week’s episode, the blond haired dude being targeted i think that’s beast or going to become beast? because he’s fighting and his debut is episode 17. im wondering if the white wizard will give him the driver, if that’s case this is going to awesome, i like to see a non rider become a secondary rider in one episode for a change on episode 17.

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