My name’s Caphi. There’s another undoubtedly fine person named Caphi around here, so let’s go with Galactic Translator Caphi for now. That should make life easier.

I made this blog because I have all these thoughts about stuff and I need a place to dump them somewhere that isn’t transient IRC conversations and bored couch conversations with roommates, and I figure the internet is a great place to put that sort of thing.

What’s a GTC?

  • A translator. Japanese-to-English.
  • A programmer.
  • A tabletop gamer.
  • A regular gamer.
  • A writer.
  • An asexual.
  • A chap.
  • A chap who reads newspaper comics, but not in newspapers.
  • An acronym for a lot of things.
  • A chap who uses words like “chap” when they amuse him.

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