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Tales of Zestiria Fan-TL Blogging: Shepherds and Angels and Others

In case any of this gets out of context, I feel I should be clear for some reason that I’m not a Tales translator and this has nothing to do with the (god allowing) English release of Tales of Zestiria. … Continue reading

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Let’s Bring a Storm to Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z3

Some joker‘s got a Z3 LP going on already. I have no idea how popular or well-referenced it is, but it’s pretty bad. Well, a ridiculous amount of the dialogue is skipped (to an even greater extent than my summaries … Continue reading

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Star Driver movie Newtype interview

I hope you like stiffly tled prose and bad formatting because I do not feel like actually editing or decorating this rough translation. Thanks to the lovely Good Haro for helping.

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If you’re watching Joshiraku subbed, you’re full of shit

I have nothing against anything valerauko does in his spare time, and I think he’s done a pretty good job on this show. It’s just not meant to be subbed. Large swaths of the show – I’ll venture to say … Continue reading

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No Aquarion this week!

That’s it. I thought about writing some more shit about it, but then I decided not to. Instead I spent all day watching TV and playing video games.

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Life Goes On Post

It’s been kind of an Aquarion blog for a while. The show’s over, but my adventures continue. To be honest, I kind of devoted Sundays to Aquarion and lived the rest of my life for the rest of the week, … Continue reading

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Aquarion EVOL 26 (END)

Fuck screenshots. The first half of this episode was awesome. It had very little Amata or Mikono and was mostly about pretty much the entire secondary cast stepping up and doing wonderful heroics. This is not a coincidence. The second … Continue reading

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