Tales of Zestiria Fan-TL Blogging: Shepherds and Angels and Others

In case any of this gets out of context, I feel I should be clear for some reason that I’m not a Tales translator and this has nothing to do with the (god allowing) English release of Tales of Zestiria. I’ve just been translating promo material on my own time because I am hopeless. The only reason these words are on the internet is because I wanted to write them down and put them somewhere.
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Kakugo in Kamen Rider Gaim 1-43

Presented without comment.

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Let’s Bring a Storm to Let’s Play! Super Robot Wars Z3

Some joker‘s got a Z3 LP going on already. I have no idea how popular or well-referenced it is, but it’s pretty bad. Well, a ridiculous amount of the dialogue is skipped (to an even greater extent than my summaries of Z2), but on the flip side, the guy translates a few lines, and they’re atrocious. I don’t remember all the lines from this game, of course, but he’s been kind enough to attach the original Japanese to some (not all?) of the bits he translated.

As a guy who loves SRW, Z, and Z3 to bits, and a guy who has done some translation of it himself, I cannot let this stand. (In addition to being startlingly invested in all this, I’m also pretty bored.) But I’m assuming he posted the Japanese so someone could check his work, right? Continue reading

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Notes on Omega Getter Dragon

Hello. If I’ve called you here in particular, I’d like you to sit and read to the end. This is going to be about my personal decision to translate Shin Getter Robo and Shin Dragon, things which appear in Getter Robo: Armageddon, for their inclusion in my presentation of Super Robot Wars Z 2 on the Something Awful forums; it’s primarily for the benefit of people reading that product. It may be ugly. You’ve been warned. Continue reading

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1360529739340So if this is right, Fish Girl’s real name is Matsuri Hyou. Current speculations involve “hyou” meaning ice (because she’s the Maiden of Winter, you see) and/or the “nun” Phoenician character looking like a “water” (冫) radical that’s part of hyou/ice, and which can itself be called hyou. Maybe it’s all of them and we’re being trolled again! The actual character nun stands for “fish,” hence “Fish Girl.”

More on this as it develops.

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Kamen Rider Wizard 17

I got an awesome new Wizard character for Christmas, and a thing to blog a ton about! Continue reading

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Kamen Rider Wizard 16

Merry Christmas! I should neglect this site less. Anyway, this was Kamen Rider Wizard’s very cute standalone Christmas episode, and it was super sweet. Continue reading

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