The new problem with Aquarion EVOL

is pretty much the same as the old problem with Aquarion Evol. All the characters who used to be cool are one-note cutouts defined by their existence in the main character team and (mostly) their Kawamori-ordained romantic pursuits.

Andy W. Hol and Zessica Wong were introduced as foils against the shy and mopey Amata and Mikono, and they were goddamn fun, energetic drivers that made any scene they were in and pulled everything else with them. Bananaquarion flushed Andy down a hole and Zessica was messed up long before that. At least Andy still finds the time to be badass, though. Zessica mopes. And as a girl with the name, face, and voice of a character I used to like for being confident and cheerful, that really hurts to watch.

Yunoha Thrul had a cute introductory episode, something resembling a personality, and what was shaping up to be a nice arc with Jin. I was actually enjoying her trying to big-sis Jin into a better person even as the arc slid from the concern of a caring friend to a tired star-crossed lovers routine. But the bit that annoys me is Yunoha’s post-Jin devolution to the point where she won’t shut up about him. They’ve forgotten she ever had any issues with being social, or getting along with people, her job is now to a) follow The Group around and b) talk about her One True Partner.

Currently, Amata is off the Mikono train, but only because he’s been distracted by his other big issue: his mommy. Mikono has peeled off temporarily to derp around on the deep end of the plot, but she left the predictable main romance with a heap of manufactured suspense. It looks superficially like they’ve each gone beyond their one note, but not as much as they should.

(By the way, I’m open for the Amata/Mikono ship to end in trolling, but that doesn’t change the issues with the B-list characters, and frankly they’ve been the most colorful from the start, which is why it pains me so much for them to be slathered in pink and brown.)

The only couples I care about anymore are Cayenne/Shrade and Donar/Suomi. Good thing I’m only watching to see Zen and Mikage troll each other.

p.s. Aquarion EVOL 20 will be late today.

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